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Sigmund Romberg (July 29, 1887 – November 9, 1951) was a Hungarian-born American composer. He is best known for his musicals and operettas, particularly The Student Prince (1924), The Desert Song (1926) and The New Moon (1928). Early in his career, Romberg was employed by the Shubert brothers to write music for their musicals and revues, including several vehicles for Al Jolson. For the Shuberts, he also adapted several European operettas for American audiences, including the successful Mayti... Read more

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Stout Hearted Man Dark Horse Writer Buy on Amazon
Stouthearted Men Professeur Holland Writer Buy on Amazon
Will You Remember Argent comptant Writer Buy on Amazon
Stouthearted Men Mr. and Mrs. Bridge Performer Buy on Amazon
Lover, Come Back to Me U-571 Writer Buy on Amazon
Stouthearted Men Personne n'est parfait(e) Writer Buy on Amazon