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Tags: sexual minority
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

2 Seconds

Title in Italiano:

2 Seconds

Title in Português:

2 Seconds


Laurie, a professional downhill racer gets fired because of her slight overindulgence in irresponsibility. She returns to Montreal where she is welcomed by her geeky but cute brother. She meets Lorenzo, a cranky, ex-racer who owns a bike shop. The two become friends. Laurie gets a job with a local bicycle courier company, but a member of the group is intent on shutting her out of their circles, making her life difficult and sad. After a bonding truth-revealing discussion between Laurie and Lorenzo, Laurie begins to see what she has to do to make things better for herself.

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2 Seconds
The Throb
Leave Home
Da Rockwilder
Roll All Day
Never Gonna Come Back Down
Too Sick to Pray
Party Up
Stop the Rock - Apollo 440 Mix
Better Days (And the Bottom Drops Out)
Low Rider
Been Caught Stealing
Ride On Josephine
If Everybody Looked the Same
You Won't Fall
Folsom Prison Blues - Live at Folsom State Prison, Folsom, CA - January 1968
Brick House
Porche Boost
The Last Car