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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

27 horas

Title in Italiano:

27 Stunden

Title in Português:

27 Stunden


27 Hours is a science fiction novel written by Tristina Wright. The story follows a group of teenagers living on a moon called Sahara, who are fighting against a ruthless corporation that wants to strip their home of its resources.

The main characters, Rumor, Nyx, and Jude, are all connected in ways they never imagined. Rumor is a chimera, a genetically modified human with enhanced abilities. Nyx is a half-human, half-alien girl who is struggling to find her place in the world. Jude is a warrior who is hiding a dangerous secret.

As the clock ticks down to the 27-hour mark, the teenagers must come together to save their home and uncover the truth about their pasts. With action-packed scenes and heart-wrenching moments, 27 Hours is a thrilling read that will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

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User reviews

Margaret Green

The soundtrack of 27 Hours perfectly captures the futuristic and adventurous spirit of the novel, immersing listeners in the world of Sahara and its teenage protagonists.

Matthew Gonzalez

The emotional depth conveyed through the instrumental pieces in the soundtrack adds a layer of complexity to the characters' struggles and inner conflicts. The music helps to highlight the heart-wrenching moments in the story, making them even more impactful.

Emily Lewis

The blend of electronic beats and orchestral arrangements creates a dynamic and engaging listening experience, mirroring the fast-paced action and suspenseful moments in the story.

James Lewis

The music felt repetitive and uninspired, lacking the innovative and immersive qualities needed to elevate the sci-fi atmosphere of the novel.

Susan Baker

The musical motifs and themes in the soundtrack are woven seamlessly into the narrative, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the story and leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Lisa Williams

Overall, I found the soundtrack to be forgettable and unable to create a lasting impact on my experience with the book.

Steven Harris

Each track in the soundtrack resonates with the themes of friendship, courage, and self-discovery present in 27 Hours, enriching the storytelling experience and evoking a range of emotions.

Sarah Green

The musical composition skillfully mirrors the journey of the main characters, from the adrenaline-pumping beats during action sequences to the haunting melodies that convey the inner struggles and emotional turmoil they face. The soundtrack elevates the reading experience, making it even more engaging and unforgettable.

George Gonzalez

The soundtrack of 27 Hours failed to captivate me and enhance the emotional depth of the story.

Matthew Moore

The soundtrack of 27 Hours perfectly captures the intense and fast-paced atmosphere of the story. The music enhances the action-packed scenes and keeps the adrenaline pumping throughout the narrative.

Emily Taylor

The soundtrack of 27 Hours perfectly captures the futuristic and intense atmosphere of the novel. Each track immerses the listener in the world of Sahara, enhancing the sci-fi elements and emotional depth of the story.

Melissa Taylor

The emotional depth conveyed through the music enhances the connection to the characters, especially Rumor, Nyx, and Jude, making their journeys even more impactful.

Margaret Evans

The soundtrack effectively sets the tone for the sci-fi setting of the novel, transporting listeners to a world filled with intrigue, danger, and unexpected twists.

Dorothy Thompson

Overall, the soundtrack of 27 Hours succeeds in immersing the listener in the futuristic world of Sahara and complements the storytelling in a way that enhances the overall reading experience.