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Rating: 6.20/10 from 97000 votes
Tags: leather dress, dirty bomb, cough syrup
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

3 días para matar

Title in Italiano:

3 Days to Kill

Title in Português:

3 Dias Para Matar


3 Days to Kill

A terminally ill Secret Service agent is coaxed out of retirement for one last job in exchange for an experimental drug that could save his life, and give him more time with his estranged family.

For decades Ethan Runner (Kevin Costner) has kept his dangerous career a carefully guarded secret -- not even his wife and daughter know what he really does for a living. Shortly after receiving a grim medical diagnosis, Ethan decides to give up his dangerous career for one last shot at being a decent husband and father.

Meanwhile, Ethan has been tasked with watching his daughter while his wife goes out of town for a few days. But when the agency offers Ethan a life-saving cure in exchange for capturing a notorious terrorist, he reluctantly accepts. Now, with his daughter's safety in his hands for the first time in a decade and the powerful drug's debilitating side effects taking hold, the hunt begins.

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3 Days to Kill
Trouble, Heartaches and Sadness
Ann Peebles: Performer
Pump This Party
Jeffrey Fayman: Writer
Happy Birthday To You
Mildred J. Hill: Writer
Kill Me
The Toxic Avenger: Arrangements
I Love It
Icona Pop: Performer
Patrik Berger: Writer
Love It Or Leave It
Asaf Avidan: Arrangements
Asaf Avidan: Writer
Asaf Avidan: Performer
Gesaffelstein: Writer
Gesaffelstein: Performer
Dustin Boyer: Writer
Klezmer Party
Angst One
Angst Two
Snake Pit Lash Out
Grégoire Musso: Writer
Make It With You
David Gates: Writer
Bread: Performer
Sweet Disposition
The Temper Trap: Performer
Dougy Mandagi: Writer
It Takes Two
John Horler: Writer
Cardio Burst
Emanuel Kallins: Writer
Mirwais Ahmadzaï: Performer
Soul Searching
Mark Hart: Writer
This Time
The Toxic Avenger: Performer
Persian Diva
Patrik Berger: Performer
Es Una Historia
Patrik Berger: Performer
I Wanna Go
Gesaffelstein: Performer
Mirwais Ahmadzaï: Performer

User reviews

Joshua Rodriguez

The music heightens the intensity of the action sequences, making them even more thrilling and adrenaline-pumping.

David Wright

The memorable melodies and motifs in the music stay with me long after the movie is over, evoking the emotions I felt while watching the film.

Joshua White

The soundtrack of 3 Days to Kill is a perfect complement to the intense and action-packed scenes of the movie.

Kimberly Lewis

The music captures the suspense and thrill of the storyline, keeping me engaged throughout the film.

Elizabeth Lewis

The music helps to establish the tone of the film, balancing the fast-paced action with moments of reflection and introspection.

Donald Johnson

The soundtrack of 3 Days to Kill effectively adds tension and excitement to the action-packed scenes.

Susan Lopez

The production quality of the soundtrack is top-notch, showcasing the talent and skill of the composers and musicians involved in creating the music.

Anthony Phillips

Overall, the soundtrack of 3 Days to Kill is a memorable aspect of the film, contributing to its overall impact and entertainment value.

Michael Scott

The soundtrack complements Kevin Costner's performance, enhancing the character development of Ethan Runner.

Mark Thomas

The combination of orchestral pieces and electronic beats creates a dynamic and engaging soundscape that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the movie. Each track seems to be carefully crafted to match the mood of the scenes, drawing you further into the world of the characters.

Melissa Johnson

The soundtrack of 3 Days to Kill lacked depth and failed to enhance the emotional intensity of the scenes, leaving a disconnect between the audience and the characters.

William Wilson

The soundtrack effectively sets the mood for each scene, enhancing the tension and drama in all the right moments.

Emily Miller

The soundtrack's dynamic range mirrors the highs and lows of Ethan's journey, creating a compelling auditory backdrop.

Amanda Williams

The emotional depth of the soundtrack adds a layer of complexity to the characters and their relationships, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

John Green

The instrumental pieces in the soundtrack create a sense of urgency and suspense, keeping the audience engaged.

Thomas Scott

The blend of orchestral and electronic elements in the music creates a dynamic and modern sound that resonates with the tone of the movie.

Emily Perez

The sound design in 3 Days to Kill is well-crafted, seamlessly blending with the visuals to create a cohesive cinematic experience.

Laura Thomas

The soundtrack of 3 Days to Kill is a powerful addition to the film, elevating the storytelling and bringing an extra layer of excitement to the action-packed sequences. It's a memorable and essential component that enhances the overall cinematic experience.

George Garcia

The music choices in 3 Days to Kill seemed generic and uninspired, failing to create a unique atmosphere or add any memorable elements to the film.

John Thomas

The soundtrack successfully captures the adrenaline-fueled energy of the movie's intense chase sequences.

Emily Jackson

The use of different musical genres throughout the film adds variety and dimension to the overall viewing experience.

Dorothy Hernandez

The soundtrack of 3 Days to Kill truly adds depth and emotion to the film. The music perfectly captures the tension and urgency of the story, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Dorothy Thompson

The soundtrack perfectly captures the internal struggle of the protagonist, adding depth and dimension to his character arc.

Melissa Campbell

The music choices in the film help to enhance the emotional depth of the storyline, especially in moments of family bonding.

Edward Turner

Overall, the soundtrack of 3 Days to Kill is a standout element of the movie, elevating the entire viewing experience with its compelling and emotive music.