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Rating: 6.30/10 from 1100 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Italiano:

Un Natale di ricordi

Title in Português:

A Gift to Cherish

Title in Français:

Noël avec un inconnu 2

Title in Türk:

Noël avec un inconnu 2

Title in Deutsch:

Weihnachten im Herzen


A Christmas to Cherish

Aiden Harris is happy now as crafts teacher and eager to celebrate his first regular Christmas with Darcy Archer as partners, and neighbor friend Henley's holiday-visiting kid cousin Marcus, who flocks with the couple due to irresistible dog Bailey.

Finding out about the miniature wooden village her carpenter father crafted to recreate Darcy's mother's native Maine village, Aiden resolves to create something similar, despite time pressure.

Meanwhile the community center is threatened with closure as the rich owner David Pearce plans to sell it for a lucrative development, but the gang won't give up all their memories tied to it and seek historical protection.

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A Christmas to Cherish

User reviews

Susan Martinez

The songs in the movie evoke feelings of joy, love, and togetherness, aligning perfectly with the themes of the film.

Stephanie Campbell

The soundtrack of A Christmas to Cherish perfectly captures the warmth and nostalgia of the holiday season. The cheerful melodies and festive tunes create a cozy atmosphere that truly brings the movie's setting to life.

Joseph Hill

The soundtrack's incorporation of cheerful and upbeat tunes perfectly complements the joyful and festive scenes in the movie. It uplifts the spirits and spreads holiday cheer.

Charles Adams

The soundtrack features a variety of melodies that suit different moods in the film, from heartwarming and tender moments to moments of tension and conflict. It effectively enhances the narrative.

Patricia Johnson

I enjoyed how the soundtrack incorporated traditional Christmas melodies with a modern twist, creating a unique and memorable musical experience.

Sarah Campbell

The incorporation of holiday classics in the soundtrack brings a sense of familiarity and tradition to the movie, making it feel like a timeless holiday classic in itself. It evokes a sense of nostalgia and warmth.

William Moore

Overall, the band soundtrack of A Christmas to Cherish is a delightful and integral part of the film that elevates the storytelling and leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

Susan Green

The use of different instruments and harmonies in the soundtrack creates a rich and dynamic sound that complements the storyline beautifully.

Michael Green

The music in the film enhances the emotional moments, especially when Aiden and Darcy bond over the special memories of their families. The melodies are touching and poignant.

Edward Evans

The music during the scenes at the community center adds depth and emotion to the storyline, highlighting the importance of preserving traditions and memories. It creates a sense of unity and community spirit.

Deborah Harris

The band soundtrack of A Christmas to Cherish perfectly captures the heartwarming and festive atmosphere of the holiday season, enhancing the viewer's experience.

Donald Davis

The music in A Christmas to Cherish enhances the emotional depth of the story, adding a layer of heartwarming sentimentality to the characters' journeys. The uplifting and harmonious soundtrack beautifully conveys the spirit of togetherness and love that defines the film.

Emily Hernandez

Overall, the music in A Christmas to Cherish plays a vital role in setting the tone and enhancing the emotional depth of the story. It is a delightful and heartening soundtrack that perfectly complements the festive themes of the film.

Karen Hernandez

The soundtrack of A Christmas to Cherish perfectly captures the heartwarming and festive atmosphere of the movie. The use of traditional holiday instruments creates a cozy and nostalgic feeling.

Ashley White

The background music during the crafting scenes adds a sense of creativity and inspiration, perfectly reflecting Aiden's passion for his craft. It sets the tone for the heartwarming moments shared between the characters.

Emily Young

The music perfectly underscores the emotional journey of the characters, adding depth and resonance to their experiences and relationships.

Timothy Rodriguez

I found the soundtrack of A Christmas to Cherish to be lackluster and uninspired. The music felt generic and did not enhance the emotional depth of the film's storyline. I was hoping for more memorable melodies and impactful compositions to elevate the viewing experience.

Elizabeth Campbell

The use of subtle and gentle piano melodies in certain scenes adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall soundtrack. It complements the romantic aspects of the story beautifully.

Steven Moore

Additionally, I felt that the music choices in the film were repetitive and predictable. The same musical motifs seemed to be used over and over again, which made the soundtrack feel monotonous. I was disappointed by the lack of variety and originality in the score, as it did not add any new dimension to the scenes or characters.

Brian Martinez

The music in the film adds a magical touch to the scenes, making them even more enchanting and emotional.