A Deceitful Mother: Lies That Kill Soundtrack (

A Deceitful Mother: Lies That Kill Soundtrack (2020) cover

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Tags: adoptive mother adoptive daughter relationship, meeting birth mother
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Birthmother's Betrayal

Title in Italiano:

Birthmother's Betrayal

Title in Português:

Birthmother's Betrayal


Neighbour David is the perfect supporting boyfriend for Amy, who is determined to find their adoptive daughter Tara's birth mother, duly warning she shouldn't expect too much. Through a website and the adoption agency, Tara's buddy Jenny helps her find it's Grace, whose file is mysteriously kept secret since the adoption procedure. Grace eagerly contacts Tara in secret, and later is presented and accepted. yet she seems to have a dark side, which actually is a dark family secret he can't keep under the lid, causing extreme danger to everyone, forcing Grace to come clean, but the danger proves lethal repeatedly, starting in the agency.

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A Deceitful Mother: Lies That Kill
Be Bold
Anton du Preez: Performer
Anton du Preez: Writer