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Air Force One

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Força Aérea 1


Air Force One is a 1997 American political action thriller film directed by Wolfgang Petersen and starring Harrison Ford as the President of the United States. The film follows President James Marshall as he fights to save his family and the country from a group of terrorists who hijack Air Force One.

The terrorists, led by Ivan Korshunov, take control of the plane and demand the release of a political prisoner. President Marshall must use his military training and wit to outsmart the terrorists and protect his loved ones.

Air Force One is a tense and thrilling film that showcases Ford's action hero abilities and the resilience of the American President. The film received critical acclaim for its suspenseful plot and impressive performances.

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Air Force One
Eugène Pottier: Lyrics
Pierre Degeyter: Performer

User reviews

Karen Carter

Overall, the Air Force One soundtrack is a standout element of the film that effectively elevates the storytelling and enhances the overall impact of the movie-going experience.

Jennifer Wilson

The soundtrack's use of orchestral arrangements adds a sense of grandeur and importance to President Marshall's character, highlighting his heroic qualities and leadership under pressure.

Brian Martinez

The Air Force One soundtrack perfectly captures the tension and suspense of the film, enhancing the viewing experience with its dramatic and impactful score.

Edward Lewis

The musical motifs and themes in Air Force One help to establish a sense of continuity and cohesion throughout the film, tying together different scenes and emphasizing key moments.

Ashley Young

The music in Air Force One effectively builds up the intensity during key action sequences, creating a sense of urgency and excitement that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

George Smith

The music in Air Force One often feels disconnected from the action on screen, failing to create a cohesive atmosphere that complements the tension and suspense of the plot. It feels like an afterthought rather than a crucial element of the storytelling.

Betty Miller

The orchestral arrangements in the soundtrack are masterfully composed, elevating the film's dramatic moments and adding a sense of urgency and importance to President Marshall's mission to save his family and the country.

Amanda Davis

The soundtrack of Air Force One lacks originality and fails to capture the intensity and drama of the film. It feels generic and uninspired, with forgettable melodies that do not enhance the viewing experience.

Patricia Clark

The dynamic range of the soundtrack, from quiet, contemplative moments to intense, action-packed sequences, demonstrates its versatility and ability to adapt to the film's changing tone.

Brian Williams

The soundtrack of Air Force One perfectly captures the tension and suspense of the film, enhancing the thrilling moments and adding depth to the characters' emotions.

Melissa Phillips

The emotional depth conveyed through the music enhances the audience's connection to the characters and their struggles, making the stakes feel even higher and more personal.

Timothy Hill

The soundtrack's ability to seamlessly blend with the film's narrative and enhance the storytelling showcases the skill and talent of the composer in creating a cohesive audio-visual experience.

Daniel Martin

The variety of musical themes in the soundtrack reflects the different layers of the story, from the intense action sequences to the heartfelt moments between President Marshall and his family, creating a dynamic listening experience that keeps you engaged throughout.

David Perez

The scoring in Air Force One can be overly dramatic and distracting at times, taking away from the realism of the film. The use of cliché musical cues and predictable motifs diminishes the impact of key moments, making the soundtrack feel out of place and ineffective in building emotional connections with the audience.