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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

All of Her

Title in Italiano:

All of Her

Title in Português:

All of Her


A man tracks down and befriends the transplant recipients who received his deceased wife's organs. Everything goes smoothly until he falls for the woman who got his wife's heart and his friends must help him move on. Chase Fannon is nearly suicidal after his pregnant wife Angel is killed by a drunk driver. His best friend tries to get him to move on and make new friends, but he keeps flashing back to memories of better times. At a preliminary hearing, the drunk driver gets off and Chase attacks him in the courtroom. Because of the attack, Chase has to undergo grief counseling. Worse than that, he has to pay off and apologize to the drunk driver who laughs in his face. Chase's old friends think he's doing well when he finishes the grief counseling course. His best friend is not quite convinced, so he invites Chase's three new friends to a party. One is an old codger, another is a mafia type, and the third friend is a beautiful retro-hippie chick named Ann. Chase seems fine and his relationship with the young woman starts to grow. Then, one by one, his new friends finds out that they all received organs from Angel. The two men are fine with the fact that Chase tracked them down and made friends, but Ann fell hard for him and has a harder time accepting the depth of his grief. Finally, it's Ann who fights hard to help him face the guilt he still has over Angel's death. In the end, the new and old friends help Chase move on to a new life.

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All of Her
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Losing You - Baio Remix
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Love Ain't Enough
Beat 54 (All Good Now)
Water (with Mahalia)
Porro Maracatu - Toy Selectah Remix
Warm It Up
Genius (feat. Sia, Diplo, and Labrinth)
Violet City
Drama (feat. Big Data)
Tom & Jerry
It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)
Play God
Truth Is
Where No One Knows Your Name
Blue Light
Good to Be Home (feat. Tom Misch, Loyle Carner & Rebel Kleff)
1,000 Opera Singers Working in Starbucks - Radio Edit
Border Girl
Top Boy