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Rating: 6.80/10 from 18801 votes
Tags: sex obsession
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Issiz adam - Einsam

Title in Italiano:

Issiz adam - Einsam

Title in Português:

Issiz adam - Einsam


Alper is in his mid 30s and a good chef at his own restaurant. He loves luxury and spends his life with one-night stands and paid love. One day, his life changes utterly as he walks into a second-hand shop where he first encounters Ada who is in her late 20s and has a shop where she designs costumes for kids. She leads a modest life and one day while looking for a book, her and Alper's paths cross. Alper is fascinated by Ada's beauty and starts following her with the book she has been looking for. They both experience first signs of love, which they have never experienced before. Although Alper tries to fit Ada into his life, he realizes that this narrows his life down while on the other hand Ada has already fallen in love with him. 'Issiz Adam' portrays the life of those whose lives have been isolated by modern lifestyles. The film is also filled with food, mothers, old songs, and love.

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Pierre Delanoë: Lyrics
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