Are We Still Married? Soundtrack (

Are We Still Married? Soundtrack (1992) cover

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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Are We Still Married?

Title in Italiano:

Are We Still Married?

Title in Português:

Are We Still Married?


A tear falls from the eyes of a veiled face. A white ball whips around a heart-shaped paddle. A mournful voice sings, "Are we still married?" A child's stuffed rabbit watches, sees someone's legs hanging and shoes jiggling, and sees a girl holding a heart-shaped paddle. A hand seen through a door's glass knocks incessantly; the lock jiggles, the child holds the heart-shaped object and leans against the wall, sometimes moving up and down on the toes of her shoes. The rabbit watches, plays with the ball, tries to keep the door shut. The child raises her face; we see a woman's eyes.

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Are We Still Married?
Are We Still Married?