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Tags: bullet firing bra, fembot
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Austin Powers - Il controspione


Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Austin Powers is a 60's spy who is cryogenically frozen and released in the 1990's. The world is a very different place for Powers. Unfortunately for Austin, everyone is no longer sex-mad. Although he may be in a different decade, his mission is still the same. He has teamed up with Vanessa Kensington to stop the evil Dr. Evil, who was also frozen in the past. Dr. Evil stole a nuclear weapon and is demanding a payment of (when he realizes its the 90's) 100 billion dollars. Can Austin Powers stop this madman or will he catch up with Evil's baddies, with names like Alotta Fagina and Random Task? Only time will tell.

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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Soul Bossa Nova
Quincy Jones: Writer
Quincy Jones: Performer
Incense and Peppermints
Psychedelic Scene Breaks
Matthew Sweet: Writer
Ming Tea: Performer
Austin Powers
Darian Sahanaja: Writer
Wondermints: Performer
Call Me
Tony Hatch: Writer
Mike Flowers Pops: Performer
Dr. Evil's Dance
Mike Myers: Writer
Mike Myers: Performer
Mas Que Nada
Sergio Mendes: Performer
Jorge Ben Jor: Writer
The Beautiful Blue Danube Waltzes
What the World Needs Now Is Love
Burt Bacharach: Writer
Burt Bacharach: Performer
The Posies: Performer
You Showed Me
The Lightning Seeds: Performer
Roger McGuinn: Writer
The Look of Love
Burt Bacharach: Writer
Susanna Hoffs: Performer
These Boots Are Made for Walkin'
Lee Hazlewood: Writer
Nancy Sinatra: Performer
I Touch Myself
Billy Steinberg: Writer
Secret Agent Man
The Magic Piper (of Love)
These Days
Female of the Species (Fembot Mix)
Solid Electric
Dr. Evil's Dance
Mike Myers: Performer
These Boots Are Made for Walkin'
Lee Hazlewood: Performer
Meow Mix -- What's Next?
Mike Myers: Performer

User reviews

Melissa Brown

The music selection in the film is spot on, enhancing the comedic elements and action sequences with upbeat and catchy tunes that keep the audience engaged and entertained throughout.

James King

The iconic theme song of Austin Powers is a standout track that sets the tone for the entire movie, evoking a sense of nostalgia while also feeling fresh and relevant to the 90s setting.

Patricia Thompson

The use of iconic songs from the 60's blended with original compositions creates a nostalgic and fun auditory experience that complements the quirky humor and colorful characters of the movie.

Carol Thompson

The music selection in the film is not only catchy and upbeat but also enhances the comedic elements of the story, creating a playful and entertaining atmosphere throughout the movie.

James Nelson

The soundtrack effectively sets the tone for the comedic elements of the film, enhancing the absurd situations and over-the-top characters with its lively and upbeat musical selections.

Melissa Thomas

The musical choices in the film often feel cliché and predictable, relying heavily on stereotypical spy movie themes and retro sounds without adding any fresh or innovative elements. The soundtrack fails to elevate the comedic or action sequences, making it feel like a missed opportunity to enhance the overall viewing experience.

Dorothy Hill

The incorporation of music as a storytelling device in key moments of the movie adds depth and dimension to the overall viewing experience, creating memorable scenes that are enhanced by the soundtrack.