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Bad Rap

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Bad Rap

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Bad Rap


Four Asian-American rappers run into tough obstacles as they try to make it big in Hip Hop, a genre rooted in black culture.

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Bad Rap
Motherless Child (feat. Raekwon)
Against the Grain
You Ain't a Killer
Los Angeles Times
Rare Species (Modus Operandi)
Won on Won
Soul In the Hole
It's Alright - From "Streets Is Watching" Soundtrack
In My Lifetime - Remix
Murdergram - Streets Is Watching/Soundtrack Version
Only A Customer - Streets Is Watching/Soundtrack Version
Devil's Pie
Grand Finale
Movin' Out
Crew Love
The Militia - Remix
Tommy's Theme
Keep Their Heads Ringin'
Uptown Anthem
Know The Ledge
It's Going Down
Ride On/Caught Up!
My Buddy
Rock Me (feat. Jermaine Dupri) - Hey Az so so Def Remix
G'd Up
Get Yo Bang On (feat. Mack 10)
War's On
The World Is a Ghetto
The Corruptor's Execution (feat. B-Legit & E-40)
Gangsta's Paradise
I Dare You (feat. Joe Hooker)
Straight Up Menace
Pocket Full of Stones
Trigga Gots No Heart
Havin Thangs
Gin & Juice
Da B Side (feat. The Notorious B.I.G.)
Hot Sex
He Got Game