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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Barbie: Escuela de princesas

Title in Italiano:

Barbie: Princess Charm School

Title in Português:

Barbie: Escola de Princesas


Much to her surprise, Blair Willows, the young waitress with a heart of gold, discovers that she is accepted at Gardania's prestigious Princess Charm School, where girls can train to become princesses or royal ladies. As Blair learns the ways of a proper princess, the academy's imperious teacher, Dame Devin, realises that the beautiful young woman resembles a lot the realm's missing heiress to the throne--a title she intends for her daughter, Delancy. Could Blair be Gardania's true queen?

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Barbie: Princess Charm School
You Can Tell She's A Princess
Damon Elliott: Writer
Keely Hawkes: Performer
On Top Of The World
Gabriel Mann: Produced
Amy Powers: Writer
We Rule This School
BC Smith: Produced
BC Smith: Writer
Simon Wilcox: Performer