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Rating: 7.30/10 from 4700 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Beware the Batman

Title in Italiano:

Beware the Batman

Title in Português:

Beware the Batman

Title in Français:

Prenez garde à Batman!

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Beware the Batman

Title in Deutsch:

Beware the Batman


Beware the Batman is an American animated television series based on the DC Comics superhero Batman. The show premiered in 2013 and ran for one season.

The series follows Batman as he teams up with his new sidekick, Katana, to take on the criminal underworld of Gotham City. Together, they face off against classic villains like Anarky, Professor Pyg, and Magpie.

Unlike previous Batman adaptations, Beware the Batman focuses on lesser-known villains and explores the darker, more mysterious side of the Caped Crusader. The show also delves into Batman's detective skills and his use of cutting-edge technology.

Despite its unique take on the Batman mythos, Beware the Batman was met with mixed reviews and was ultimately canceled after its first season. However, it remains a cult favorite among Batman fans for its fresh approach to the character and its stylish animation.

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User reviews

Steven Lopez

The music felt generic and uninspired, lacking the emotional resonance needed to elevate key moments in the show where Batman's detective skills and use of cutting-edge technology were showcased.

Laura Scott

On the other hand, some of the tracks felt repetitive and uninspired, lacking the memorable and iconic motifs that are often associated with Batman. The overall sound of the series did not leave a lasting impression compared to other iterations of the character.

Ashley Davis

The soundtrack of Beware the Batman was a decent compliment to the darker and more mysterious tone of the show. The music succeeded in creating a sense of tension and suspense during action sequences.

Ronald Turner

Overall, the soundtrack of Beware the Batman missed the opportunity to enhance the storytelling and failed to leave a lasting impression on viewers, contributing to the mixed reviews the series received.

Thomas Jackson

The soundtrack of Beware the Batman failed to capture the intensity and depth of the darker, more mysterious side of the Caped Crusader that the series aimed to explore.