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Rating: 6.90/10 from 1800 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Mi vida empieza hoy

Title in Português:

Big Girls Don't Cry

Title in Français:

Große Mädchen weinen nicht

Title in Deutsch:

Große Mädchen weinen nicht


Big Girls Don't Cry

Kati and Steffi have been best friends since childhood, but as they step into adulthood, both their perfect friendship and their personalities get harshly tested by a series of unfortunate events mainly caused by Steffi finding out that her father was unfaithful to her mother and by the two girls getting hit by the consequences of Steffi's delirious revenge plans.

When things get out of hand, the two girls are in the middle of a mess that makes Kati question whether or not Steffi is really so precious to her. Where will Steffi's plans of penalizing her father's "evil" lover end up? Will the girls' friendship be saved?

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Big Girls Don't Cry
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Big Girls Don't Cry (Personal)
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Fix a Heart
Wherever You Will Go
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Impossible Year
If I Could Fly
Tears in Heaven - Acoustic; Live at MTV Unplugged, Bray Film Studios, Windsor, England, UK, 1/16/1992; 2013 Remaster
Never Grow Up
All Too Well
Even My Dad Does Sometimes
Love You Goodbye
A Little Too Much
Back To December
When We Were Young
Dear John
Almost Is Never Enough

User reviews

James Hall

The soundtrack's use of different musical styles and tones enhances the storytelling, creating a rich and immersive listening experience that resonates with the film's themes.

Patricia Gonzalez

The emotional depth and complexity of the soundtrack perfectly complement the intense dynamics of the friendship between Kati and Steffi in Big Girls Don't Cry.

Kenneth Phillips

The use of different musical styles in the soundtrack helps to convey the evolving emotions of the characters as they navigate through the challenges they face. It creates a dynamic and engaging listening experience for the audience.

Deborah Anderson

The haunting melodies and poignant lyrics in certain tracks of the soundtrack evoke a sense of melancholy and introspection, reflecting the inner struggles of the characters. The music adds a layer of depth to the storytelling.

Matthew Thomas

Overall, the soundtrack of Big Girls Don't Cry is a powerful and integral part of the film, enhancing the narrative and connecting the audience to the characters' journey in a profound way. The music plays a crucial role in shaping the emotional landscape of the story.

Mary Wilson

The soundtrack of Big Girls Don't Cry perfectly captures the emotional turmoil and complexities of the friendship between Kati and Steffi. The music enhances the dramatic moments and adds depth to the story.

Stephanie Moore

The music effectively captures the rollercoaster of emotions experienced by the characters, adding a layer of authenticity to their struggles and conflicts.

Amanda Martin

Overall, the soundtrack of Big Girls Don't Cry elevates the film by providing a powerful and evocative backdrop that enhances the viewer's emotional engagement with the story.

Sarah Jones

One of the standout aspects of the soundtrack is how it mirrors the growth and development of Kati and Steffi throughout the film. From moments of heartbreak to triumph, the music resonates with the audience on a personal level, making the story even more impactful and memorable.

Richard Miller

The soundtrack of Big Girls Don't Cry perfectly captures the emotional rollercoaster of the two main characters, Kati and Steffi. Each track enhances the tension and drama of their evolving friendship, immersing the audience in their struggles and conflicts.

Edward Walker

The memorable melodies and poignant lyrics of the songs help convey the characters' inner turmoil and growth throughout the narrative, making the audience feel connected to their journey.

Mary Perez

The music selection in the film effectively conveys the internal turmoil of the characters, adding depth and complexity to their individual journeys. The subtle melodies and powerful lyrics complement the narrative, creating a truly immersive viewing experience.