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Big Money Hustlas Soundtrack (2000) cover

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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Big Money Hustlas

Title in Italiano:

Big Money Hustlas

Title in Português:

Big Money Hustlas


It's New York City, and the crime lord Big Baby Sweets has got NYC around his finger. The NYPD is helpless so the Chief sends out for Sugar Bear, a 70s, Dolemite worshiping, rhyming supercop from San Fransisco to stop Big Baby, his Magic Ninjas, Hack Benjamin (Jumpsteady, and his 2 sidekicks, Big Stank and Lil' Poot, with the help of Officer Harry Cox.

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Big Money Hustlas
Sentimental Journey
Les Brown: Writer
Big $
Sugar Bear
Fuck the World
Cotton Candy
Bury Me Alive
Bring It On
Rock the Dead
Spin the Bottle
The Human Tornado
Dirty Boy