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Rating: 8.40/10 from 110000 votes
Tags: u.s. attorney, hedge fund, white collar crime
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Billions is a TV show that follows the power struggle between two high-profile figures in the world of finance: Chuck Rhoades, a US Attorney, and Bobby Axelrod, a hedge fund manager.

The show delves into the complex world of Wall Street and the lengths these two men will go to in order to come out on top. As Chuck tries to bring down Bobby for his shady dealings, Bobby fights back with his own tactics and resources.

Throughout the series, viewers are taken on a rollercoaster ride of power plays, betrayals, and high-stakes financial maneuvers. The show explores themes of greed, corruption, and the thin line between right and wrong in the cutthroat world of finance.

With intense performances from the lead actors and twists and turns at every corner, Billions is a gripping drama that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

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House Of Bricks
Quando quando quando
$4 Vic / Nothing but Me and You (Ftl)
High Tiding
Too Original
Get Up And Get Down
Jump Up
Ladytron - Live in Denver, CO, April 17, 1979
Your Love Was Strange
Oh No
I Dream I'm Flying
Harvester of Sorrow (Remastered)
Master of Puppets (Remastered)
Mind of War
The Ledge
Say Please
Love Is for Lovers
Watusi Rodeo
Cover Me Up
Wobble - Radio Version
Hunger Child Blues
Waiting Around to Die
Heaven Sent
Symphony No. 40 in G Minor, K. 550: I. Molto allegro
Quite Contrary
Sticks & Stones (feat. Michael Rose)
And the Cradle Will Rock... - 2015 Remaster
Sequestered In Memphis
I Just Might
Gotta Serve Somebody
Everyday People
Pedestrian at Best
Dimed Out
Jump Into The Fire
Fill in the Blank
Top Shelf Drug
Atom Bomb
Begin The Begin
A New Beginning
Peace Sells - Remastered
A Legend In My Time
Heartaches and Misery
Goddamn Lonely Love
For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)
Sex & Candy
Turn The Season
Battle Sirens
Your Best American Girl
Visions of Johanna
What A Nice Way To Turn 17
Billions Title & Recap
Brendan Angelides: Performer
Brendan Angelides: Performer
Axe Capital A
Brendan Angelides: Performer
FBI Raid
Brendan Angelides: Performer
Axe & Chuck Faceoff
Brendan Angelides: Performer
Chuck Warpath
Brendan Angelides: Performer
Brendan Angelides: Performer
Everyone Is Afraid of Being Vulnerable
Brendan Angelides: Performer
The Rhodes
Brendan Angelides: Performer
The Game
Brendan Angelides: Performer
Am I A Sociopath?
Brendan Angelides: Performer
Axe Capital B
Brendan Angelides: Performer
Brendan Angelides: Performer
Brendan Angelides: Performer
Chuck and Wendy Split
Brendan Angelides: Performer
Brendan Angelides: Performer
Chuck Rhodes, Riderless Horse
Brendan Angelides: Performer
Brendan Angelides: Performer
The Landing
Anthony Caulfield: Performer
Try Out
Anthony Caulfield: Performer
Anthony Caulfield: Performer
Anthony Caulfield: Performer
Anthony Caulfield: Performer
Found All Before
Anthony Caulfield: Performer
Signal One
Anthony Caulfield: Performer
Back and Forth
Anthony Caulfield: Performer
Anthony Caulfield: Performer
Side Street
Anthony Caulfield: Performer
Brightest Day
Anthony Caulfield: Performer
Summer Rain
Anthony Caulfield: Performer

User reviews

Edward Hill

I find the soundtrack of Billions to be quite underwhelming and uninspiring. The music fails to enhance the tense and dramatic moments of the show, leaving a lot to be desired in terms of emotional impact.

Donna Anderson

The music selection is on point, creating a dynamic and immersive experience for the viewers. From intense orchestral pieces to modern electronic beats, the soundtrack adds depth and emotion to the already gripping storyline.

David Perez

I find the soundtrack of Billions to be a standout element of the show, contributing significantly to its overall quality and impact.

Kenneth Hill

The use of music in Billions is cleverly integrated into the storytelling, enhancing key moments and emphasizing the psychological warfare between the main characters.

Edward Anderson

The soundtrack of Billions perfectly captures the high-stakes atmosphere of Wall Street, enhancing the tension and drama of the show.

Betty Allen

The musical choices in Billions are bold and innovative, adding a layer of sophistication to the storytelling and character interactions.

Jennifer Thomas

I appreciate the diverse range of musical styles used in the soundtrack of Billions, which adds depth and complexity to the overall viewing experience.

Jennifer Turner

The soundtrack of Billions effectively mirrors the shifting power dynamics between Chuck Rhoades and Bobby Axelrod, enhancing the character development and plot progression.

Robert Williams

The soundtrack of Billions is a masterpiece that perfectly captures the tension and high-stakes atmosphere of the show. Each track enhances the scenes and elevates the drama to a whole new level.

Brian Jones

The soundtrack of Billions perfectly captures the high-stakes atmosphere of the show with its intense and dramatic score.

Elizabeth Turner

The use of music in Billions helps to set the tone for each scene, creating a captivating and immersive viewing experience for the audience.

Melissa Phillips

The repetitive use of generic background music throughout the series becomes distracting and takes away from the overall viewing experience. It feels like the soundtrack lacks creativity and originality, failing to create a memorable and immersive atmosphere for the audience to truly connect with the story and characters.

Lisa Gonzalez

The soundtrack of Billions seamlessly blends with the visuals and dialogue, creating a cohesive and immersive viewing experience for the audience.

Matthew Baker

Overall, the soundtrack of Billions is a key element that enhances the show's narrative depth and emotional resonance, making it a standout feature of the series.

Steven Williams

The soundtrack of Billions effectively sets the tone for each episode, drawing viewers into the world of high finance and moral ambiguity.

John Parker

The music selection in Billions effectively mirrors the power struggles and complex emotions of the main characters, adding depth and intensity to the storytelling.

Emily Thomas

The music in Billions effectively enhances the tension and suspense in key scenes, creating a powerful emotional impact on the viewer.