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Braveheart - Cuore impavido

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Braveheart: O Desafio do Guerreiro

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Cesur Yürek

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Braveheart is a 1995 historical epic film directed by Mel Gibson. The story follows William Wallace, a Scottish warrior who leads a rebellion against the oppressive English rule during the First War of Scottish Independence.

The film depicts Wallace's journey from a humble farmer to a fearless leader who inspires his people to fight for their freedom. Along the way, he faces betrayal, loss, and heartbreak, but remains steadfast in his quest for independence.

Braveheart is known for its epic battle scenes, emotional storytelling, and powerful performances, particularly by Mel Gibson in the lead role. The film won five Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director, and has since become a classic in the historical epic genre.

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Main Title
A Gift Of A Thistle
Wallace Courts Murron
The Secret Wedding
Attack On Murron
Revenge [Braveheart - Original Sound Track]
Murron's Burial
Making Plans/Gathering the Clans [Braveheart - Original Sound Track]
'Sons Of Scotland' - From “Braveheart” Soundtrack
The Battle Of Stirling [Braveheart - Original Sound Track]
For The Love Of A Princess
Mornay's Dream
The Legend spreads [Braveheart - Original Sound Track]
The Princess Pleads For Wallace's Life
The Wheat - From "Gladiator" Soundtrack
Sorrow - From "Gladiator" Soundtrack
To Zuccabar - From "Gladiator" Soundtrack
The Emperor Is Dead
The Might of Rome
Strength And Honor - From "Gladiator" Soundtrack
Reunion - From "Gladiator" Soundtrack
Slaves To Rome - From "Gladiator" Soundtrack
Am I Not Merciful?
Honor Him - From "Gladiator" Soundtrack
Now We Are Free - From "Gladiator" Soundtrack
Main Titles from the HBO Miniseries Band of Brothers - Instrumental
Band Of Brothers Suite One - Instrumental
Band Of Brothers Suite Two - Instrumental
The Mission Begins - Instrumental
Swamp - Instrumental
Spier's Speech - Instrumental
Fire On Lake - Instrumental
Parapluie - Instrumental
Boy Eats Chocolate - Instrumental
Bull's Theme - Instrumental
Winters On Subway - Instrumental
Headscarf - Instrumental
Buck In Hospital - Instrumental
Plaisir d'amour - Instrumental
Preparing For Patrol - Instrumental
String Quartet in C-sharp minor, Op. 131 - Instrumental
Discovery Of The Camp - Instrumental
Nixon's Walk - Instrumental
Austria - Instrumental
Band Of Brothers Requiem - Voice
We Built Our Own World
Dream Is Collapsing
Radical Notion
Old Souls
Dream Within a Dream

User reviews

Andrew Nelson

The main theme of Braveheart is haunting and powerful, leaving a lasting impression on the audience and enhancing the emotional impact of key moments in the film.

Dorothy Carter

The soundtrack of Braveheart perfectly captures the emotional depth of the film, enhancing the epic battle scenes and poignant moments throughout.

Mark Robinson

The composer's use of traditional Scottish instruments, such as bagpipes and flutes, adds an authentic and immersive quality to the soundtrack of Braveheart.

Betty Lee

Listening to the Braveheart soundtrack is like embarking on a musical odyssey that tugs at the heartstrings and stirs the soul. It enhances the storytelling of the film, adding layers of emotion and depth to an already captivating narrative. This iconic score truly stands the test of time and remains a testament to the power of music in cinema.

Edward Green

Overall, the soundtrack of Braveheart is a powerful and integral part of the film's success, contributing to its status as a timeless classic in the historical epic genre.

Betty Clark

The soundtrack of Braveheart effectively conveys the themes of loyalty, sacrifice, and courage, resonating with viewers long after they have watched the film.

Robert Carter

The music in Braveheart strikes a perfect balance between moments of quiet reflection and intense action, enhancing the overall storytelling and character development.

Donald Hill

The soundtrack of Braveheart perfectly captures the emotional depth and intensity of the film's story, enhancing every scene with its powerful and evocative melodies. It effectively conveys the themes of courage, determination, and sacrifice, immersing the audience in the world of William Wallace and his fight for freedom.

Linda Anderson

The haunting melodies and stirring orchestral arrangements evoke a sense of courage, passion, and resilience that resonates deeply with the audience. Each note seems to amplify the triumphs and tribulations of the characters, immersing the viewer in the turbulent world of medieval Scotland.

Ashley Moore

The music in Braveheart beautifully blends traditional Scottish elements with a sweeping orchestral score, creating a rich and immersive auditory experience that transports listeners to medieval Scotland. Each track is masterfully composed to evoke a range of emotions, from the stirring sounds of battle to the poignant moments of love and loss, making it a standout aspect of the film that resonates long after the credits roll.

Mary Davis

The orchestral arrangements in the film's score are grand and sweeping, creating a dramatic and cinematic experience that complements the story's epic scale.

Michael Robinson

The soundtrack of Braveheart is a masterpiece that perfectly captures the emotional journey of William Wallace and the Scottish rebellion against English rule. The music elevates every scene, from the epic battle sequences to the tender moments of love and loss.

Karen Jones

The music in Braveheart evokes a strong sense of Scottish pride and resilience, reflecting the spirit of William Wallace and his people's fight for freedom.