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Rating: 7.00/10 from 61000 votes
Tags: car truck chase, breakdown
Alternate Names:
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Title in Italiano:

Breakdown - La trappola

Title in Português:

Avaria no Asfalto

Title in Français:

Breakdown - Point de rupture

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Jeff and Amy Taylor are moving to California and must drive across the country. When they find themselves stranded in the middle of a desert with hardly anyone or anything around, their trip comes to a sudden halt. Amy had taken a ride with a friendly trucker to a small diner to call for help, but after a long time, Jeff becomes worried. He finds that no one in the diner has seen or heard from his wife. When he finds the trucker who gave Amy the ride, the trucker swears he has never seen her. Now Jeff must attempt to find his wife, who has been kidnapped and is being held for ransom. But who can he trust?

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Burgers & Fries
Ben Peters: Writer
Charley Pride: Performer
This Game Of Love
Robbyn Kirmsse: Performer
Jonathan Mostow: (1997) lyric
Jeffrey Pescetto: Produced
Jeffrey Pescetto: Performer
Nobody Knows
Robbyn Kirmsse: Performer
Jeffrey Pescetto: Writer
Jeffrey Pescetto: Produced
Walking Out The Back Door
Robbyn Kirmsse: Performer
Jeffrey Pescetto: Writer
Jeffrey Pescetto: Produced
Burgers & Fries
Ben Peters: Performer

User reviews

Richard Carter

The soundtrack's ability to create a sense of unease and uncertainty mirrors the protagonist's emotional journey as he searches for his missing wife.

Melissa Hall

The overall composition of the soundtrack in Breakdown felt repetitive and predictable. The lack of variety in musical styles and tones made it challenging to differentiate between key moments in the film, leading to a monotonous listening experience that did not enhance the viewing experience.

Mary Scott

Overall, the musical score of Breakdown is a standout element that contributes significantly to the film's overall impact and memorability.

Melissa Moore

The use of suspenseful strings and pulsating beats in the soundtrack heightens the intensity of key scenes in the movie.

Patricia Hill

The soundtrack features a mix of driving rhythms and haunting melodies that keep the audience engaged and on edge.

Anthony Jones

The musical score in Breakdown expertly complements the desert setting, adding an additional layer of atmosphere to the film.

Elizabeth Taylor

The music in Breakdown effectively conveys the sense of isolation and vulnerability that the characters experience in the desert.

Donald Evans

The use of ominous tones and subtle cues in the music effectively builds up the sense of danger and mystery throughout the movie.

Sarah Allen

The soundtrack of Breakdown perfectly captures the tension and suspense of the movie. The haunting melodies and eerie soundscapes create a sense of unease that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

Paul Rodriguez

The choice of musical themes in Breakdown often felt disconnected from the emotions portrayed on screen. Instead of complementing the scenes, the soundtrack sometimes distracted from the intensity of the plot, making it difficult to fully immerse in the story.

Joshua Walker

The soundtrack of Breakdown perfectly captures the tension and suspense of the film's plot, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Matthew Taylor

Overall, the soundtrack of Breakdown is a standout element of the film that elevates the viewing experience. The evocative compositions and well-placed cues enhance the storytelling and make the movie even more memorable.

Mark Nelson

The use of subtle percussion and sparse instrumentation in certain scenes adds to the feeling of isolation and desperation that Jeff experiences as he searches for his missing wife. The music enhances the emotional impact of the story and helps to convey the characters' inner turmoil.

Kenneth Perez

The soundtrack of Breakdown failed to capture the suspense and tension of the plot. The music felt generic and uninspired, lacking the necessary depth to enhance the thrilling moments of the film.

Joshua Perez

The soundtrack's seamless integration with the visuals enhances the overall cinematic experience, drawing viewers further into the story.