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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Consejo de guerra

Title in Italiano:

Esecuzione di un eroe

Title in Português:

Justiça de Guerra


Late 1901, South Africa. Lieutenants Harry "Breaker" Morant, Peter Handcock and George Witton are senior officers of the Bushveldt Carbineers, part of the Australian Army under the command of the British Army in the Boer War.

The Carbineers' reason for being is largely to battle the loose collection of Boer guerrillas who are not part of the Boer army, but who are fighting against the British military regardless.

The three are facing a collective court martial, for Morant allegedly ordering, as the officer in charge, the execution of six Boer prisoners, Witton allegedly killing one of those six before they were to be executed, and Handcock's alleged associated killing of a German missionary, Reverend Daniel Heese.

Morant and Witton admit to their killings, but Morant, an ex-pat Brit with a poetic streak, claims that it was on an order issued indirectly by Lord Kitchener through his friend and former commanding officer, now deceased Captain Simon Hunt, and Witton, the young somewhat naive officer, claims he killed in self-defense as the prisoner charged him.

And the charge against Handcock, the brash cocky one, is all circumstantial as there are no eyewitnesses.

In reality, all charges were issued by Kitchener, using the three as scapegoats in a measure of political expediency to end the war, not caring that convictions could and probably will lead to sentences of execution.

The British military stacking the decks against the three is further demonstrated by prosecutor Captain Alfred Taylor having six weeks to prepare, while defense attorney Major J.F. Thomas only having one day, in addition to Thomas having no trial experience, let alone no court martial experience.

Regardless, a defiant Thomas vows to find out the truth and to defend his clients to the best of his abilities, which is better than most expect.

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Breaker Morant
At Last
Jack Grimsley: Traditional tune arranged
H.H. Morant: Lyrics
Edward Woodward: Performer
Soldiers of the Queen
Leslie Stuart: Writer
Edward Woodward: Performer
Phil Cuneen: Arrangement
Sarie Marais
Eric Cook and his Orchestra: Arrangement
John Pfitzner: Performer
The British Grenadiers
Eric Cook and his Orchestra: (uncredited) traditional - british arranged
The Minstrel Boy
The Floral Dance
Katie Moss: Writer
Jack Grimsley: Arrangement
The Girl I Left Behind
Jack Grimsley: Arrangement
Samuel Lover: Writer
March in Scipio
George Frideric Handel: Writer
Jack Grimsley: Arrangement
Land of Hope and Glory
Lochaber No More
Jack Grimsley: Arrangement

User reviews

Deborah Turner

Overall, the soundtrack of Breaker Morant elevates the film's narrative, adding layers of depth and emotion that resonate with the audience long after the movie ends.

John Anderson

The soundtrack's composition skillfully mirrors the internal struggles of the main characters, reflecting their sense of duty, loyalty, and ultimately betrayal by the British military.

Michelle Phillips

The music enhances the storytelling of the film by creating a sense of urgency and suspense during the court martial scenes, adding depth and complexity to the characters' motivations and struggles.

Linda Martinez

The soundtrack of Breaker Morant perfectly captures the tension and drama of the Boer War era, adding depth and emotion to the storytelling.

Daniel Allen

The use of traditional instruments in the soundtrack immerses the audience in the historical setting of late 1901 South Africa, enhancing the authenticity of the film.

Margaret Green

Overall, the soundtrack of Breaker Morant is a powerful and evocative musical accompaniment that elevates the film to a higher level, leaving a lasting impact on the audience long after the credits roll.

Deborah White

The use of traditional instruments and melodies in the soundtrack adds an authentic and immersive quality to the film, transporting the audience to the late 1901 South Africa setting and enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Thomas Davis

The Breaker Morant soundtrack perfectly captures the tension and drama of the Boer War era with its stirring and emotional compositions.

Anthony Perez

The soundtrack of Breaker Morant is truly a masterpiece that enhances the emotional depth of the film. The music perfectly captures the tension and drama of the courtroom scenes, adding a sense of urgency and intrigue to the story.

Kimberly Evans

The haunting melodies evoke a sense of melancholy and reflection, mirroring the internal struggles of the characters as they face the harsh realities of war and justice. The use of traditional instruments and poignant themes transports the listener to the late 1901 South Africa setting, immersing them in the historical context of the Boer War.

Daniel Lewis

The somber and haunting melodies in the soundtrack effectively convey the moral complexity and ethical dilemmas faced by the characters, particularly in relation to the court martial and execution of prisoners.