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Brother Bear 2 Soundtrack (2006) cover

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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Hermano oso 2

Title in Italiano:

Koda, fratello orso 2

Title in Português:

Kenai e Koda 2


Kenai, still a bear and Koda strongly believe that they do not need any girl, just each other. Kenai dreams of Nita, a girl he had met and saved when he was very young. After giving her an amulet, and promising they'd be friends forever, Nita leaves for her home and Kenai never sees her again. We then see Nita, now grown up, beautiful and preparing her her wedding. However, the ancestors are not pleased, as Nita is already tied to Kenai. The only way for Nita to break their bond and be happily married is to journey to the very place where Kenai gave her the amulet and burn it together. As Kenai, Nita and Koda journey to the place together, Koda cannot help but feel worried that Kenai might abandon him altogether for Nita. Will Nita break the bond she shares with Kenai and marry another? Will Koda be abandoned by his big brother?

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Brother Bear 2
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