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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

El perfume del invisible

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Miel, a new best-seller writer is interviewed by a TV journalist on her beautiful Castle. This way she will show the biggest secrets about her unknown past: a youth in a convent where she was sexually educated, the life in Italy becoming a young actress of porn films, and her join to a theatre company quite unusual and a little naughty. Nevertheless, the most intriguing is the meeting with an invisible man, who says to be George Wells's nephew and whose target is to renew his relationship with Beatrice, the Miel's contender. Miel tries to prove the existence of the this man whose presence gives off a candy smell...Beatrice, who is unwilling to accept the existence of this invisible man, wants people to believe that Miel is absolutely crazy. Meanwhile, Miel teaches the delight of love and Beatice's perversity to invisible man. After that the man helps Miel to become also invisible and both spy together other people in intimate moments and let themselves play games not always accepted by morality. Seduction, eroticism and lots of intrigues match all together, not a whit of ordinariness, in this film.

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