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Chambers is a supernatural horror television series that follows a young heart attack survivor named Sasha Yazzie. After receiving a heart transplant from a deceased donor named Becky Lefevre, Sasha begins to experience strange and disturbing visions. As she delves deeper into Becky's past, Sasha uncovers dark secrets about her donor and the mysterious circumstances surrounding her death.

As Sasha's visions become more intense and unsettling, she becomes determined to uncover the truth behind Becky's death. With the help of Becky's family and friends, Sasha navigates a web of lies and deceit that leads her to a sinister conspiracy. As she unravels the mystery, Sasha realizes that her new heart may be connected to something much darker and more dangerous than she ever imagined.

Chambers explores themes of identity, trauma, and the supernatural, as Sasha grapples with the terrifying consequences of her heart transplant. The series delves into the complexities of grief and loss, as Sasha confronts the ghosts of her past and the chilling reality of her present. With its eerie atmosphere and gripping storyline, Chambers is a chilling and suspenseful thriller that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

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Still Ill - 2011 Remaster
Love On The Brain
The Jungle
Lord of the Manor
Sleeping Beauty and The Beast
I Like You
I Can't See the Light
I Wanna Be Adored - Remastered
Daily Dance
Bad Girls
Pink Maggit
Liquid Lady

User reviews

Robert Thomas

The Chambers soundtrack captivates me with its haunting melodies and eerie tones that perfectly complement the supernatural horror themes of the series. Each track immerses me in Sasha's journey, enhancing the tension and mystery of her unraveling story.

Karen White

The sound design in Chambers is top-notch, immersing me in the supernatural world of the show and heightening the sense of unease.

Anthony King

The diversity of genres and styles in the soundtrack of Chambers adds richness and complexity to the overall viewing experience.

Betty Perez

The haunting melodies and dark tones of the soundtrack mirror Sasha's journey into the unknown, adding depth to the narrative.

Mary Davis

The music selection in Chambers effectively builds tension and suspense, keeping me on the edge of my seat throughout the episodes.

Mark Brown

The soundtrack of Chambers skillfully conveys the inner turmoil and struggles of the characters, enriching their story arcs.

Lisa Mitchell

The music cues in Chambers are perfectly timed, enhancing pivotal moments and intensifying the impact of key scenes.

Amanda Rodriguez

The music in Chambers is a masterful blend of atmospheric soundscapes and intense rhythms that heighten the emotional impact of each scene. The way the soundtrack builds suspense and creates a sense of unease adds a whole new layer of depth to the already gripping narrative, keeping me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire series.

Brian Jones

The emotional depth of the music in Chambers resonates with the themes of trauma and identity explored in the series, creating a powerful connection with the audience.

Timothy Campbell

The soundtrack's ability to blend different genres and styles of music adds depth and complexity to the storytelling, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Melissa Nelson

The soundtrack of Chambers is a masterful piece of work that elevates the show to new heights, making it a truly immersive and captivating experience for audiences.

Thomas Mitchell

The soundtrack of Chambers perfectly captures the eerie and mysterious atmosphere of the series, enhancing the viewer's experience.

Timothy Jackson

The music in Chambers effectively mirrors Sasha's emotional journey, evoking feelings of fear, confusion, and curiosity as she delves deeper into the dark secrets of her donor's past.

Brian Miller

Overall, the music in Chambers plays a crucial role in shaping the mood and atmosphere of the series, making it an essential component of the storytelling that enhances the impact of each scene.

Amanda Scott

Overall, the music in Chambers elevates the series to a whole new level, making it a truly memorable and immersive supernatural horror journey.

Melissa Harris

The use of haunting melodies and unsettling sounds in the soundtrack enhances the sense of unease and tension throughout the show, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

Dorothy Allen

The musical cues in Chambers are strategically placed to heighten suspense and build anticipation, creating a sense of foreboding that lingers long after the episode ends.

Lisa Roberts

The soundtrack of Chambers perfectly captures the eerie and mysterious atmosphere of the series, setting the tone for the supernatural horror elements to unfold.