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Tags: virgo the astrological sign, reference to capricorn the astrological sign, new york city woman
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Chasing Papi

Title in Italiano:

Papi chulo

Title in Português:

Confusões Amorosas


The successful and handsome wolf executive of the cosmetic industry Thomas Fuentes has three sexy Latin girlfriends: in Miami, the waitress Cici; in Chicago, the intellectual lawyer Lorena; and in New York, the "daddy's girl" Patricia. When the three women decide to visit him in Los Angeles, Thomas is in a big trouble.

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Chasing Papi
Baila pa'mi
Favorite Fantasy
Emilio Estefan Jr.: Produced
Jon Secada: Performer
Sheila E.: Writer
El Hombre Perfecto
India: Performer
Se Me Olvidó Tu Nombre
Emilio Estefan Jr.: Writer
Shalim Ortiz: Performer
La Negra Tiene Tumbao
Celia Cruz: Performer
Fernando Osorio: Writer
Emilio Estefan Jr.: Produced
José Feliciano: Performer
Simplemente Espirtual
Emilio Estefan Jr.: Writer
Gian Marco: Performer
Taca Taca
Robert Blades: Writer
Llevame Contigo
Carlos Ponce: Writer
Carlos Ponce: Performer
El Progresso
Cachao: Writer
Cachao: Performer
Chasing Papi
Fat Joe: Writer
Enigma de Maor
Cabaret Diosa: Performer
Sobe Son
Emilio Estefan Jr.: Performer
Jon Secada: English language lyrics
Bad Girls
Joe Esposito: Writer
Emilio Estefan Jr.: Produced
Joy Enriquez: Performer
Pete Escovedo: Writer
Pete Escovedo: Performer
Sonar de Pelon
Cabaret Diosa: Performer
Emilio Estefan Jr.: Produced
All About Nothing
Damon Thomas: Writer
Christina Vidal: Performer
I Don't Need an Hombre
Matthew Gerrard: Produced
Matthew Gerrard: Writer
Jaci Velasquez: Performer