Chokobo reshingu Soundtrack (

Chokobo reshingu Soundtrack (1999) cover

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Rating: 6.90/10 from 35 votes
Tags: kart racing, chocobo, final fantasy
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Chokobo reshingu

Title in Italiano:

Chokobo reshingu

Title in Português:

Chokobo reshingu


On one particularly sunny day, famed inventor Cid presents Chocobo with a special gift: the Jet-Blades, which increase Chocobo's speed tremendously. After a race against Mog, Chocobo's greedy friend, Cid reveals that the secret to how Chocobo can move so fast is the Magicite Crystal in his anklet. Wanting a Magicite Crystal of his own, Mog travels with Chocobo, and together they try to discover the secrets of the Magicite Crystal.

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Chokobo reshingu
Kenji Ito: Composed & arranged
Diamonds In My Heart
Kenji Ito: (us version only) vocals: vicki bell composed
Takashi Tokita: Lyrics