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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Claire Dolan

Title in Italiano:

Claire Dolan

Title in Português:

Claire Dolan


Claire Dolan is an Irish immigrant, working as a Manhattan call girl, paying off a debt she owes her pimp, Roland Cain. She's almost without affect, much like the sterile, glass-and-concrete high-rises where she lives and works. Violence lurks just below the surface. Cain can be menacing as are men who approach her. When her mother dies, Claire tries to escape the life, moving to Newark, visiting a cousin, working as a manicurist, realizing that she wants to have a baby, and going out a couple of times with a cabby. But Cain finds her and insists on payment, so she returns to Manhattan. The cabby wants to help: can Claire leave prostitution and find happiness in motherhood?

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Claire Dolan
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