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Rating: 6.30/10 from 2200 votes
Tags: insider trading, struggling mother
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Cleaning Up

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Cleaning Up

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Cleaning Up


Cleaning Up is a character-full drama that follows an ordinary working-class woman named Sam. She is torn between two worlds: the everyday life of a devoted, loving Mum and the darker, dangerous world of insider trading.

Sassy office cleaner Sam is part of an invisible army of cleaners on a zero-hours contract. They mop, sweep, and vacuum in the early hours, unnoticed by many. Sam, however, is struggling with an on-line gambling addiction.

One day, Sam realizes she has access to lucrative Stock Market information. If used correctly, this information could be the answer to all her prayers. The show is set in the contrasting worlds of shiny Canary Wharf and the realities of modern suburbia.

Cleaning Up explores how far Sam will go to survive, claw back some self-respect, and get her life back on track. Will she be able to navigate the dangerous world of insider trading while maintaining her role as a devoted mother?

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Cleaning Up
This Kiss
Man! I Feel Like A Woman!
Goodbye Earl
Strawberry Wine
I Like It, I Love It
She's In Love With The Boy
She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy
How Do I Live
Check Yes Or No
Little Good-Byes
Independence Day
Boot Scootin' Boogie
There You'll Be - 2007 Remaster
You're Still The One
That Don't Impress Me Much
Any Man Of Mine
From This Moment On
Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?
I'm Gonna Getcha Good! - Red Single Edit
Cowboy Take Me Away
Wide Open Spaces
You Were Mine
I'm Already There
Don't Take The Girl
Something Like That
Does He Love You
The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia
I Love This Bar
How Do You Like Me Now?!
Can't Fight The Moonlight
Whiskey Lullaby (feat. Alison Krauss)
Mud On the Tires
I'm Gonna Miss Her
I Hope You Dance
Suds in the Bucket
Born to Fly
Heads Carolina, Tails California
Bring On The Rain
Come Home Soon
Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off
Concrete Angel
A Broken Wing
It's Five O'Clock Somewhere
Barefoot Blue Jean Night
Just Another Day In Paradise
Tonight I Wanna Cry
John Deere Green
Watching Airplanes
Don't Laugh At Me
Single White Female
Honky Tonk Badonkadonk
I Could Not Ask for More
Red High Heels
Gunpowder & Lead

User reviews

Kenneth Thomas

The music in Cleaning Up effectively underscores the contrast between Sam's mundane daily life as a cleaner and the exhilarating, dangerous world of stock market manipulation.

Nancy Adams

The music underscores the emotional turmoil of Sam as she navigates the world of insider trading, enhancing the character development and immersing the audience in her struggles.

Anthony Hernandez

The soundtrack for Cleaning Up felt disconnected from the gritty and intense themes of the show. The music often seemed too light-hearted and didn't effectively capture the inner turmoil and conflict that Sam was experiencing.

Steven Taylor

The soundtrack of Cleaning Up perfectly captures the tension and complexity of Sam's double life, blending a mix of suspenseful and emotional tracks that mirror her inner turmoil.

Betty Rodriguez

The music in Cleaning Up skillfully mirrors the show's themes of ambition, desperation, and the blurred lines between right and wrong.

Joseph Jones

Each track in the soundtrack of Cleaning Up adds depth and intensity to the storyline, elevating the viewing experience and creating a compelling atmosphere that keeps viewers hooked.

Michelle Moore

The repetitive use of generic background music in key emotional scenes diminished the impact of the character development and plot twists. I found myself wishing for a more dynamic and emotionally resonant score to enhance the storytelling.

Mark Hill

The music in Cleaning Up adds depth to the characters and situations, providing a haunting backdrop to Sam's moral dilemmas.

George Thompson

Each musical piece in the soundtrack enhances the contrasting worlds portrayed in the show, from the sleek and sophisticated vibes of Canary Wharf to the gritty and raw essence of modern suburbia. The music truly immerses you in Sam's journey.

Stephanie Rodriguez

The soundtrack of Cleaning Up enhances the tension of the show, creating a sense of unease that mirrors Sam's increasing involvement in the world of high-stakes finance.

Joseph Wilson

The music in Cleaning Up effectively conveys the inner turmoil of Sam as she navigates between her responsibilities as a mother and her risky foray into insider trading.

John Scott

The soundtrack of Cleaning Up strikes a balance between gritty, urban sounds and more intimate, introspective melodies, reflecting the show's exploration of class divides and personal struggles.

William Moore

The soundtrack of Cleaning Up features a diverse range of musical styles, adding richness and complexity to the narrative.

Melissa White

The soundtrack of Cleaning Up perfectly captures the tension and complexity of Sam's dual life, blending elements of suspense and drama seamlessly.

Deborah Lee

The soundtrack's ability to convey Sam's struggles with addiction, ambition, and motherhood through music is truly remarkable. It adds depth and emotion to the storytelling, making the viewing experience even more engaging and impactful.

Daniel Turner

The lack of originality in the soundtrack was disappointing, as it relied heavily on clichéd soundscapes and predictable musical cues. I believe a more innovative and daring approach to the music could have elevated the viewing experience and added depth to the characters' struggles.

Susan Scott

The soundtrack of Cleaning Up perfectly captures the dual nature of Sam's life, blending tense, suspenseful tones with moments of emotional vulnerability.

Nancy Taylor

The music in Cleaning Up is a crucial element in shaping the atmosphere of the show, drawing viewers deeper into Sam's complex world of conflicting loyalties and difficult choices.

Matthew King

The soundtrack of Cleaning Up immerses the audience in the story, enhancing the emotional impact of Sam's journey towards redemption.