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Title in Português:

Clockstoppers - Paragem no Tempo

Title in Français:

Top chronos

Title in Türk:

Zamanı durduranlar

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Zak Gibbs' biggest challenge so far has been figuring out how to buy a car. But when he discovers a strange wristwatch among his father's various inventions and puts it on, something very strange happens. The world around him seemingly stops; giving the effect that everyone has stopped. Zak quickly learns how to manipulate the device, and he and his beautiful new friend, Francesca, have a great time. However, they soon realize that they are not alone in hypertime.

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All the Small Things
Blink-182: Performer
Time Is Ticking Out
The Cranberries: Performer
It's the Weekend
Nickelback: Performer
The Minute I Met You
Neal Avron: Produced
Ian Grushka: Writer
New Found Glory: Performer
Never Let You Go
Third Eye Blind: Performer
First Date
Blink-182: Performer
Know My Name
Kool Keith: Performer
Ralph Sall: Produced
Lit: Performer
Last One Standin'
Ralph Sall: Produced
Sugar Ray: Performer
Bohemian Like You
The Worst Day Ever
Simple Plan: Writer
Simple Plan: Performer
Time in a Bottle
Jim Croce: Writer
Jim Croce: Performer
Time After Time
Uncle Kracker: Performer
Mike Bradford: Produced
A Song for Everyone
Fenix TX: Performer
Holiday in My Head
Smash Mouth: Performer