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Tags: 1980s film
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Cobra - O Braço Forte da Lei

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Die City-Cobra


As crime runs rampant in the United States, the hard-as-nails LAPD Lieutenant, Marion "Cobra" Cobretti, is the only cure for the crime-infested urban jungle of Los Angeles. In the meantime, a string of seemingly unconnected and unmotivated random assaults on civilians will soon drag the hardened officer into a violent war against the psychopaths of the secret organisation named "The New World". With the criminal society's sole purpose to weed out the weak, Cobra will escort an important witness--the young model, Ingrid--out of town to protect her; however, the movement's delusional killers will stop at nothing to track her down. Now, the only one who stands in their way is the one-man-army Lieutenant. Are they prepared for Cobra's nasty bite?

Soundtrack list

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Feel the Heat
Jean Beauvoir: Performer
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Loving On Borrowed Time
Joe Chicarelli: Produced
Gladys Knight: Performer
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Voice of America's Sons
John Cafferty: Performer
John Cafferty: Writer
Kenny Vance: Produced
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Angel of the City
Robert Tepper: Performer
Robert Tepper: Writer
Joe Chicarelli: Produced
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Hold on to Your Vision
Gary Wright: Performer
Hawk Wolinski: Produced
Hawk Wolinski: Writer
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Two Into One
Bill Medley: Performer
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