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Every nuclear weapon made, every watt of electricity produced from a nuclear power plant leaves a trail of nuclear waste that will last for the next four hundred generations.

We face the problem of how to warn the far distant future of the nuclear waste we have buried --but how to do it?

How to imagine the far-distant threats to the sites, what kinds of monuments can be built, could stories or legends safeguard our descendants?

Filmed at the only American nuclear burial ground, at a nuclear weapons complex and in Fukushima, the film grapples with the ways people are dealing with the present problem and imagining the future.

Part observational essay, part graphic novel, Containment explores the idea that over millennia, nothing stays put.

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Knocking on Heavens Door
Hurts Like Hell
Show Me Love
Meet Me on the Battlefield
This Love
Don't Let Me Down

User reviews

Donna Wright

Overall, the soundtrack of Containment serves as a haunting and thought-provoking companion to the documentary. It enhances the emotional impact of the visuals and themes presented in the film, making it a crucial element in immersing the audience in the complex and unsettling world of nuclear waste containment.

Sarah Evans

The soundtrack of Containment beautifully captures the haunting and thought-provoking essence of the documentary. The use of atmospheric tones and eerie melodies perfectly reflects the ominous theme of nuclear waste and the challenges of warning future generations.

Margaret Gonzalez

Overall, the soundtrack of Containment is a powerful and emotive addition to the film, enhancing the viewing experience and leaving a lasting impact on the listener.

Lisa Carter

The soundtrack of Containment is a haunting and evocative composition that perfectly captures the eerie and thought-provoking themes of the film.

Mark Adams

The soundtrack of Containment effectively captures the eerie and unsettling atmosphere of dealing with nuclear waste. The use of ambient sounds and dissonant tones creates a sense of unease that mirrors the complexity and dangers associated with nuclear materials.

Michael Wilson

The music choices do not enhance the overall atmosphere or narrative of the documentary. Instead of adding to the tension and complexity of the subject matter, the soundtrack feels disconnected and out of place in many scenes.

Timothy Baker

The soundtrack of Containment fails to create an emotional connection with the audience. It lacks depth and originality, feeling repetitive and uninspired throughout the film.

Linda Mitchell

Overall, the soundtrack of Containment missed the mark in capturing the gravity and urgency of the nuclear waste issue. It falls short in elevating the storytelling and fails to leave a lasting impact on the viewer.

Charles Taylor

Each track conveys a sense of urgency and contemplation, mirroring the complex issues surrounding nuclear waste and the challenges of communicating this danger to future generations.

Andrew Martin

The use of unconventional instruments and dissonant melodies creates a sense of unease and uncertainty, effectively immersing the audience in the film's unsettling atmosphere.

Kimberly Garcia

The musical score of Containment successfully conveys the urgency and weight of the subject matter. Through the use of pulsating rhythms and intense crescendos, the soundtrack evokes a sense of impending disaster and the need for immediate action in addressing the long-lasting consequences of nuclear waste.

William Young

The music in Containment effectively enhances the emotional impact of the film, creating a sense of unease and contemplation in the audience. The blending of electronic elements with traditional instruments adds depth to the storytelling and helps to convey the urgency and complexity of the issue at hand.