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Rating: 7.00/10 from 107000 votes
Tags: internal affairs, dirty cop, corrupt cop, nypd
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Cop Land

Title in Italiano:

Cop Land

Title in Português:

Copland - Zona Exclusiva

Title in Français:


Title in Türk:

Güçlüler Bölgesi

Title in Deutsch:

Cop Land


Policemen have always been the idols of Freddy Heflin. Due to being slightly deaf, Heflin could never pass the physical to become a police officer himself. However, because of his friendly, amiable nature, he's managed to get himself elected Sheriff of a small New Jersey county outside of New York City, and he lives in a town where many NYPD cops also live.

Mo Tilden is an Internal Affairs investigator for the NYPD, and his investigation of some crooked cops leads him to this small town, and to Sheriff Freddy Heflin. Heflin begins to help Tilden, and discovers that some of his heroes may have feet of clay...

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Cop Land
Freaky Tale
Harry Wayne Casey: Writer
AMG: Writer
AMG: Performer
Texas Cadillac
Joseph Kubek: Performer
Chain Smokin'
Joseph Kubek: Performer
Drive All Night
Rambling Road
Brad Hatfield: Writer
Brad Hatfield: Performer
Familiar Surroundings
Dennis Brennan: Writer
Dennis Brennan: Performer
It All Went Down the Drain
Boz Scaggs: Performer
Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Frankie Valli: Performer
Bob Crewe: Writer
Show You What They See
Joseph Kubek: Performer
Stolen Car
Beyond the Sea
Charles Trenet: Performer
Charles Trenet: French lyrics
Bobby Darin: Performer
Jack Lawrence: English lyrics
I Can't Quit
Robert Cray: Writer
The Robert Cray Band: Performer
Cant Seem to Make You Mine
The Seeds: Performer
Sky Saxon: Writer
Won't You be My Neighbor?
Fred Rogers: Writer
Ray Liotta: Performer
Burnin' for You
Donald Roeser: Writer
Blue Öyster Cult: Performer
Electric Factory
Jon Butcher: Writer
Jon Butcher: Performer
Check Your Woppa
Roberto Arduini: Performer
Chain Smokin'
Joseph Kubek: Performer
Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Bob Crewe: Performer
I Can't Quit
Robert Cray: Performer
Won't You be My Neighbor?
Fred Rogers: Performer
Burnin' for You
Donald Roeser: Performer
All Dressed Up In Blue
Howard Shore: Performer
Yellow Betray Blue
Howard Shore: Performer
Garrison, NJ
Howard Shore: Performer
Local Boy Saves Drowning Teen
Howard Shore: Performer
Mashed Potatoes Don't Mean Gravy
Howard Shore: Performer
The Sheriff of Cop Land
Howard Shore: Performer
Pool of Crimson
Howard Shore: Performer
The Diagonal Rule
Howard Shore: Performer
Across the River
Howard Shore: Performer
Big Blue Pow Wow
Howard Shore: Performer
Without Looking At the Cards
Howard Shore: Performer
One Police Plaza
Howard Shore: Performer

User reviews

Linda Hernandez

I found the soundtrack of Cop Land quite disappointing. The music did not seem to enhance the tense and gritty atmosphere of the movie as I expected. Instead, it felt generic and uninspired, lacking the depth needed to truly immerse me in the story.

Steven Harris

On the other hand, while the music effectively sets the tone for the movie, some tracks feel a bit repetitive and generic. There are moments where the soundtrack seems to blend into the background, lacking a distinctive identity that could make it stand out from other similar scores. Overall, while it serves its purpose in enhancing the film, it may not be memorable on its own.

Matthew King

The soundtrack of Cop Land perfectly captures the gritty and intense atmosphere of the film. The use of powerful orchestral arrangements and haunting melodies enhances the tension and drama of the scenes, creating a truly immersive experience for the audience.

Mark Davis

Furthermore, I couldn't help but notice that the soundtrack seemed repetitive at times, with certain tracks blending together and not standing out. This made it difficult for me to distinguish between different scenes or emotions portrayed in the film, ultimately detracting from my overall viewing experience.

Daniel Johnson

The score of Cop Land showcases a great mix of different musical styles, from haunting melodies to suspenseful rhythms. The diversity in the soundtrack keeps the audience engaged and creates a dynamic listening experience. The way the music builds and crescendos in key moments of the film is masterfully done, making it a standout feature of the movie.

David Miller

The soundtrack of Cop Land truly captures the gritty and intense atmosphere of the movie. The music perfectly complements the story, enhancing the emotions and tension in each scene. It adds depth and dimension to the overall viewing experience.