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Rating: 7.40/10 from 1500 votes
Tags: viral outbreak
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Cordon is a thrilling TV series that takes place in a small town where a deadly virus outbreak occurs. The government decides to quarantine the entire area by setting up a cordon around it, trapping everyone inside. As the situation escalates, tensions rise among the trapped residents and authorities, leading to a power struggle and desperate attempts to escape.

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Changing Lives
Changing Lives (Reprise)
Just Breathe
It's Not About Me
Dance with You
The Acceptance Song
You Happened
We Look to You
Tonight Belongs to You
Tonight Belongs to You - Reprise
The Lady's Improving
Alyssa Greene
Love Thy Neighbor
Barry Is Going to Prom
Unruly Heart
It's Time to Dance

User reviews

Joseph Thompson

The use of subtle electronic elements in the music adds a modern and unique touch to the soundtrack of Cordon. It helps create a futuristic and dystopian feel that complements the storyline of a deadly virus outbreak and a government-imposed quarantine.

Deborah Gonzalez

The soundtrack of Cordon effectively captures the tense and suspenseful atmosphere of the series. The combination of eerie melodies and intense percussion enhances the sense of urgency and danger throughout the show.

Lisa Scott

The repetitive use of certain musical motifs in Cordon became tiresome and predictable after a few episodes. I felt like the soundtrack didn't offer enough variety or originality to enhance the viewing experience, and instead, it became a background noise that didn't add much to the storytelling.

Michael Davis

One major flaw I found in the band's original score of Cordon was its inconsistency in setting the right tone for key moments. There were scenes of high tension and drama where the music felt out of place or mismatched, detracting from the impact of those crucial scenes. This lack of synchronization between the music and the visuals was disappointing and detracted from my overall enjoyment of the series.

Joseph Robinson

The soundtrack of Cordon effectively captures the suspenseful and intense atmosphere of the TV series. The combination of eerie melodies and tense rhythms creates a sense of urgency that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Paul Hill

The soundtrack of Cordon is absolutely captivating, enhancing the suspense and intensity of the thrilling TV series. The music perfectly sets the tone for the chaotic and tense atmosphere of the small town under quarantine.

Robert Allen

Overall, the soundtrack of Cordon is a masterful piece of work that elevates the viewing experience to a whole new level. It's a perfect complement to the gripping narrative and adds depth and dimension to the already gripping storyline.

Laura Carter

Each track in the soundtrack of Cordon evokes a range of emotions, from fear and desperation to hope and resilience. The music is so well-composed that it immerses the viewer into the story, making every scene more engaging and impactful.

Steven Miller

The soundtrack of Cordon failed to capture the intensity and suspense of the deadly virus outbreak storyline. I found the music to be generic and lacking in emotional depth, which made it difficult to fully immerse myself in the show's atmosphere.

Margaret Adams

On the other hand, the repetitive use of certain musical motifs in the soundtrack of Cordon can feel a bit monotonous after a while. While it initially adds to the tension and drama of the show, hearing the same themes repeatedly throughout the episodes can become predictable and less impactful.