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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

No matarás

Title in Italiano:

Non uccidere

Title in Português:

Cross the Line


2019, Barcelona (Catalonia, north-east to Spain). Dani is a shy young man who works as seller in a travel agency. Good mannered, friendly and nice, his quiet life takes a dramatic change after the death of his aging father after a long disease, which was cared by the own Dani in his house. In the funeral, Dani's sister Laura tries unsuccessfully to convince Dani to take a break and make the long-time postponed travel around the world. Determined to help her brother, Laura meets Dani in his work office at the next day pretending funny to be a client interested in a travel, forcing Dani to buy an online ticket. This same night, while Dani dines in a bar checking the online ticket and with doubt to close the buy and go away at the next morning, a girl asks help to pay the food she asked after her date not appeared. Looking for be kind, Dani invites the girl, who presents herself as Mila. Dressed in black, unstable and fragile but full of tattoos and exciting, Dani feels interested on her, who asks Dani go with her to pay the favor with the food. Going with Mila, Dani learns that she works as tattoo artist in a saloon, accepting reluctant her offer to make a tattoo for free, making them a Polaroid to put it in the wall of clients. However, after Mila takes Dani to her home to have sex with him, the situation turns out of any control when in the house appears Ray, bully and violent Mila's boyfriend. Discovering that Mila was all the time sending messages to Ray using Dani for making him jealous, the discussion between Ray and Mila explodes when Dani, attempting to leave the house, finds a secret room where Ray has a plantation of marijuana. Anger, Ray strangles Dani, that saves his life in the last moment by taking a scissors and nailing in Ray's neck. Killing him, a turned crazy and desperate Mila decides commit suicide for jumping out the window. Trying to digest the happened, a shocked Dani is forced to find a way to escape when several police cars surrounds the building. Cleaning all the house of any evidence that it could relate him with the assassination, Dani starts an unstoppable race to escape for meeting Laura, looking her help as criminal lawyer. Once with Laura, she reports him that the police have no clues about him, and that Mila killed Ray and after jumped taken by the regrets. Remembering suddenly the photo, Laura asks Dani to wait a little time more to watch as the investigation advances, but dominated by anxiety and fear, Dani decides don't wait to come back to the tattoo saloon, just to find himself trapped in a hell of travel pursued by half dozen of furious Ray's job partners, and where a single phone call can be more dangerous that all them.

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Cross the Line
Things That Often Come to Say
Ramon Mirabet: Writer
Ramon Mirabet: Performer
Nathy Peluso: Performer
Me matarás
Macaco: Lyrics
Macaco: Performer
Macaco: Produced
Ubi Sunt
Judit Neddermann: Writer
Judit Neddermann: Performer
Paula Jornet: Writer
Paula Jornet: Performer
Bad Gyal: Writer
Bad Gyal: Performer
Cold Deep Blue
Dan Skinner: Writer
Bad Sometimes
She Makes Me a Killer
Die Antwoord: Performer