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Tags: stepfamily, father son talk, father son conflict
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Dos padres por desigual

Title in Italiano:

Daddy's Home 2

Title in Português:

Pai Há Só Um... Ou Dois


After burying the ax in Daddy's Home (2015), the stepfather with a heart of gold, Brad, and the biological father of the boys with the perfect six-pack, Dusty, are now proud dads working in unison to care for Megan. . and Dylan. This year, with Christmas just around the corner, once-incompatible parents and their families decide to vacation together; However, things take an unexpected turn when Dusty's alpha father, Kurt, and Brad's sensitive father, Don, decide to pay a visit. Now, when the happy tourists wind up in a snow-covered cabin for a week, there seems to be no escape from an impending Christmas disaster unless the two pairs of parents learn to live together and work together for the sake of the children. . Will things work out in the end? Can all four dads save Christmas?

Soundtrack list

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Give a Little Bit
Supertramp: Performer
Roger Hodgson: Writer
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Silent Night
John Freeman Young: Writer
Stan Reynolds: Arrangement
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Jingle Bells
James Pierpont: Writer
Gerhard Narholz: Arrangement
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O Tännenbaum
Ernst Anschütz: Traditional tune, lyrics
Todd Carlon: Arrangement
Henry Stuckey: Arrangement
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Snow in L.A.
Naz Tokio: Writer
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AC/DC: Performer
Angus Young: Writer
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It's a Miracle
Barry Manilow: Performer
Barry Manilow: Writer
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Christmas Wrapping
Chris Butler: Writer
The Waitresses: Performer
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Open Arms
Journey: Performer
Steve Perry: Writer
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Fine and Dandy
Werner Tautz: Writer
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Do They Know It's Christmas
Bob Geldof: Writer
Band Aid: Performer
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Father Christmas
Ray Davies: Writer
The Kinks: Performer
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If You Leave Me Now
Peter Cetera: Writer
Chicago: Performer
Will Ferrell: Performer
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The Only Gift I Need
Tara Chinn: Writer
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All I Want for Christmas Is You
'Lonesome' Dave Peverett: Writer
Foghat: Performer
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Mr. Pitiful
Matt Costa: Writer
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Reindeer Rock
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We Wish You a Merry Christmas
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Turn Up
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Christmas in Hollis
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Little Sister
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I'm Shipping Up to Boston
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Little Drummer Boy
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Good King Wenceslas
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(There's No Place Like) Home for the Holidays
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St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)
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Come and Get It
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