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Tags: hiv, gay community, hiv positive
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Dallas Buyers Club

Title in Italiano:

Dallas Buyers Club

Title in Português:

O Clube de Dallas


Dallas 1985. Ron Woodroof, a sexually reckless electrician and rodeo cowboy, is shocked to discover he has 30 days to live. Diagnosed as HIV positive, Ron refuses to accept the harsh truth of his inevitable mortality and plucks up the courage to cross the border into Mexico in search of alternative treatment.

As a result, Ron smuggles non-FDA-approved drugs and supplements into the United States, challenging the medical community, including his physician, Dr Eve Saks. Seeking to find a workaround and avoid government sanctions against him, Woodroof soon joins forces with unlikely ally Rayon, a fellow transgender patient sharing the same lust for life.

Together, they establish a "buyers club". There, HIV-positive people can have access to unapproved pharmaceutical remedies for a monthly fee. As Ron and Rayon's community expands, Woodroof's Dallas Buyers Club aims to raise awareness and fight intolerance. Ron also fights for dignity and the right to live.

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Dallas Buyers Club
Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town
Sweet Thang
The Fool
El Adios Del Soldado
Follow Me
Life Is Strange
Ballrooms of Mars
Main Man
Following Morning
Hell and Back
Ready to Be Called On
Life of the Party
The Walker - Ryeland Allison Remix
Shudder to Think
Mad Love - Acoustic
Stayin Alive
Romance Languages
Burn it Down - Innerpartysystem Remix
After The Scripture
City Of Angels (Acoustic)
Mexican Mariachi
Wrong Path
Hit the Road
Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town
Mel Tillis: Performer

User reviews

Steven Thomas

The music enhances the intensity of the scenes where Ron smuggles drugs into the United States, adding a sense of urgency and danger.

Kenneth Lopez

Overall, the soundtrack for Dallas Buyers Club is a standout element of the film, effectively enhancing the storytelling and emotional impact of the characters' journey.

Matthew Carter

The blend of country, rock, and folk music in the soundtrack reflects the cultural and historical setting of 1985 Dallas, adding depth and authenticity to the film. The songs chosen for key scenes evoke a sense of rebellion and camaraderie, mirroring Ron's defiance against the establishment and his fight for dignity and compassion.

Amanda Rodriguez

The soundtrack effectively sets the tone for the establishment of the buyers club, conveying a sense of hope and defiance.

Richard Garcia

I found the soundtrack of Dallas Buyers Club to be lacking emotional depth and failed to capture the intensity and struggles of the characters in the film.

Mark Smith

The score beautifully conveys the camaraderie between Ron and Rayon, reflecting their shared struggles and resilience.

Donald Miller

Overall, I was disappointed with how the music was utilized in Dallas Buyers Club and felt it fell short in delivering a memorable and impactful musical accompaniment to the powerful narrative.

Nancy Lewis

The emotional depth of the music enhances the impact of the film's themes of compassion, acceptance, and resilience.

Joseph Davis

The instrumental pieces in the soundtrack evoke a sense of nostalgia for the 1980s setting of the film, adding depth to the storytelling.

Laura Thompson

The soundtrack of Dallas Buyers Club perfectly captures the emotional journey of the main character, Ron Woodroof, from disbelief to determination.

Stephanie Lewis

Overall, the soundtrack of Dallas Buyers Club is a vital component of the film, enhancing the storytelling and connecting the audience to the characters' journeys.

Charles Evans

The music during the scenes where Ron fights for the dignity and right to live is both powerful and moving.

Thomas Young

The music felt disconnected from the powerful and poignant themes of the movie, failing to enhance the emotional impact of key scenes and moments throughout the story.

Donna Smith

The soundtrack for Dallas Buyers Club is a powerful and emotional accompaniment to the story of Ron Woodroof's fight against HIV/AIDS. The music perfectly captures the raw emotions and struggles faced by the characters, creating a sense of urgency and determination throughout the film.

Laura Adams

The use of different musical styles in the soundtrack mirrors the diverse experiences and backgrounds of the characters in the film.

Donald Thompson

The soundtrack choices seemed generic and uninspired, missing the opportunity to elevate the storytelling and create a more immersive viewing experience for the audience.

Elizabeth Martinez

The use of country and rock music in the soundtrack adds a layer of authenticity to the setting of 1980s Dallas, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the film. The songs chosen for the soundtrack complement the narrative and help to immerse the audience in the world of Ron Woodroof and the Dallas Buyers Club.

Steven Davis

The soundtrack of Dallas Buyers Club perfectly captures the emotional journey of Ron Woodroof, from shock and denial to resilience and activism. The music enhances the poignant moments of the story, immersing the audience in Ron's struggle and determination to defy the odds.