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Tags: dance studio
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Baila conmigo

Title in Italiano:

Dance with Me

Title in Português:

Dança Feroz


Young Cuban Rafael Infante (Chayanne) just buried his mother, and comes to Houston to meet his father John Burnett (Kris Kristofferson) for the first time. The difficult part is that John doesn't know he is Rafael's father. John runs a dance studio, and everyone prepares for the World Open Dance championship in Las Vegas, Nevada. It soon becomes clear Rafael is a very good dancer, and Ruby Sinclair (Vanessa Williams) is the biggest hope for the studio at the championship.

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Dance with Me
Heaven's What I Feel - Pablo Flores Dance Remix
You Are My Home
JIBARO - Dance With Me '98 Mix
Fiesta Pa'Los Rumberos
Want You, Miss You, Love You
Jazz Machine
Echa Pa'Lante - Spanglish Cha-Cha Mix
Atrevete (No Puedes Conmigo)
Eres Todo en Mí (You're My Everything)
Refugio De Amor (You Are My Home) - Salsa
Tres Deseos (Three Wishes) - 12 " Remix
Pantera en Libertad - Radio Edit
Suavemente - Tropical Spanglish Mix
Echa Pa' Delante
Arrolla cubano
Pregón santiaguero
Lina Rengifo: Writer
Me gusta pero no puede ser
César Pedroso: Writer
Xiomara Laugart: Performer
Teach Me Tonight
Sammy Cahn: Writer
Diana Krall: Performer
If I Don't Dance
Kelley Hunt: Writer
Esa triste guitarra
Manuel Alejandro: Writer
Emmanuel: Performer
Ritmo de bom bom
Dream Baby
Let's Get Lost
Baby Workout
Tres deseos (Three Wishes)
Descarga cachao
La bilirrubina
Romántica mujer
Los tres golpes/The Three Beats
You Really Had Me Going
Dream Dancing
Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)
Boy from New York City
Why Don't You Do Right
Miranda's Smile
Echa pa'lante - Cha Cha Mix
Spanish Gypsy Dance (España cani)
A Deeper Love
Lindo yambu
You Are My Home (Salsa)
Heaven's What I Feel