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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Dark Blue

Title in Italiano:

Indagini sporche - Dark Blue

Title in Português:

Azul Escuro


Set in the Los Angeles Police Department in April 1992, Dark Blue is a dramatic thriller that takes place just days before the acquittal of four white officers in the beating of black motorist Rodney King and the subsequent L.A. riots. In this racially-charged climate, the LAPD's elite Special Investigations Squad (SIS) is assigned a high-profile quadruple homicide.

As they work the case, veteran detective Eldon Perry, known for his tough street tactics and fiery temper, tutors SIS rookie Bobby Keough in the grim realities of police intimidation and corruption. Meanwhile, Assistant Chief Holland, the only man in the department willing to stand up to the SIS, threatens to end Perry's brand of singlehanded "justice" on the Los Angeles streets.

While navigating through the tumultuous neighborhoods of South Central L.A., Perry and Keough must track down cold-blooded killers and face their own demons, which prove to be more ruthless than the criminals they pursue.

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Dark Blue
Neighborhood Sniper
Eazy-E: Performer
Music Cues
Leo Erdody: From the film detour (1945) composed
Stormy Monday
Another Execution
F... tha Police
Wild Thing
Latin Lingo
Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg
The D.O.C. and the Doctor
Streets on Fire
MC Ren: Performer
Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg
Dallas Austin: Performer

User reviews

Mary Taylor

The music in Dark Blue enhances the emotional depth of the story, adding layers of complexity to the characters and their inner struggles.

Patricia Garcia

The soundtrack of Dark Blue perfectly captures the tension and intensity of the movie's plot, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Betty Mitchell

The music in Dark Blue serves as a powerful storytelling tool, enhancing the mood and atmosphere of the film while also providing insight into the inner workings of the characters' minds.

Betty Mitchell

The soundtrack seamlessly integrates with the action sequences, enhancing the suspense and drama of the unfolding story.

Edward Green

The music in Dark Blue effectively underscores the themes of police corruption and brutality, enhancing the audience's understanding of the moral dilemmas faced by the characters.

Stephanie Wilson

The music in Dark Blue effectively builds tension and suspense during key moments of the film, adding to the overall sense of urgency and danger.

Susan Davis

Overall, the music in Dark Blue plays a crucial role in immersing viewers in the gritty world of police corruption and urban violence, making it a standout aspect of the film.

Donald Hernandez

The use of instrumental tracks in the soundtrack of Dark Blue creates a sense of unease and suspense, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the film.

Melissa Smith

The combination of different musical styles in the soundtrack reflects the diverse cultural landscape of the city, adding authenticity to the film.

Michelle Wilson

The haunting melodies in the soundtrack of Dark Blue linger in the mind long after the film is over, adding a haunting quality to the overall viewing experience.

George Davis

The soundtrack of Dark Blue skillfully blends different musical genres to create a diverse and engaging listening experience that complements the visual storytelling of the film.

Michelle Taylor

The soundtrack of Dark Blue expertly captures the essence of the time period in which the film is set, transporting viewers to the turbulent and racially charged atmosphere of 1992 Los Angeles.

Betty Clark

The score of Dark Blue effectively underscores the internal conflicts and moral dilemmas faced by the characters, adding layers to their development.

Lisa Anderson

The musical choices in Dark Blue help create a sense of time and place, transporting viewers to the volatile atmosphere of pre-riot Los Angeles.

Melissa Roberts

The soundtrack of Dark Blue effectively sets the tone for the intense and gritty atmosphere of the film, capturing the tension and racial conflict of 1992 Los Angeles.

Patricia Allen

The music selection effectively sets the tone for the racially-charged climate of 1992 Los Angeles, adding depth to the narrative.

Dorothy Wright

The soundtrack features memorable compositions that linger in the mind long after the movie has ended, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Michael Thomas

The use of music in key moments of the film evokes strong emotions, making the audience feel more connected to the characters and their struggles.

Anthony Lee

The soundtrack of Dark Blue successfully mirrors the dark and morally ambiguous world of the LAPD's Special Investigations Squad, adding depth to the narrative.