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Alternate Names:
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Darling Darling

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Darling Darling

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Darling Darling


Darling tells the story of two youths Subhash Chandra Bose and Karthik alias Aniyankutty. Subhash Chandra Bose, called 'Kochchukurup' by his near and dear ones, is forced to leave his parents under certain circumstances and go to Bangalore where lives his dear friend Karthik alias Aniyankutty, a rich youth who lives in grand style.Aniyankutty spends his time flirting with girls, assisted by his caretaker cum friend cum well wisher Appachan, By strange coincidence, both Aniyankutty and Kochchukurup fall head over heels in love with the same girl Padmaja Warrier under totally different circumstances. The problem with Kochchukurup is that he has never seen Padmaja, but they had talked over the phone and Padmaja too is passionately in love with him, of course without seeing him even once.Aniyankutty, who comes to know of this, turns selfish in his love and starts playing tricks to prevent both the lovers from coming together. Then on it is sort of hide and seek between the two lovers, with Aniyankutty moving hell and heaven to prevent their union. And the film thus moves to an interesting climax.

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