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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

De feu et de glace

Title in Italiano:

De feu et de glace


Alexia Moreno is a young and promising figure skater. While she is participating in the French championship, she does a triple Axel and lands badly, breaking her Achilles heel. Her career ends with regret and all her dreams fade away. After a life full of effort and sacrifice, she Alexia loses herself in the Parisian nightlife to forget her failure and make up for the frustrations of her strict upbringing. Until the day she meets Jacques Rocaille, a second-rate trainer who still believes in her. She is now faced with a choice: return to her harsh life of training and risk failure and become the laughingstock of the media, or continue to lose herself in a meaningless life.

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De feu et de glace
Sing, Sing, Sing
Louis Prima: Writer
Love is gone
Stupid Man
Maggie Kim: Performer
C'est la vie
Martin Solveig: Writer
Au bout de mes rêves
Nah Nah Song
Maggie Kim: Performer
Love like Everyone
Maggie Kim: Performer
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