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Rating: 6.40/10 from 218000 votes
Tags: armoured vehicle, prison warden
Alternate Names:
Title in Italiano:

Death Race

Title in Português:

Corrida Mortal

Title in Français:

Course à la mort

Title in Türk:

Ölüm Yarısı


Death Race

In 2012, amid economic chaos and high unemployment, Americans watch by the millions as criminals with life sentences race armored cars on Terminal Island. Two-thirds of the combatants die, but the winner may earn his freedom. On the day he loses his job, steelworker Jensen Ames is arrested for his wife's murder. Sent to Terminal Island, he is offered an out by the steely and manipulative Warden Claire Hennessey - race as the popular mask-wearing (but now dead) champion, Frankenstein, or rot in prison. Jensen makes the bargain. As the three-stage race approaches, he realizes that the whole thing may be a set-up - can an anonymous man behind a mask get revenge and win his release?

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Death Race
Grown Woman
Mary J. Blige: Writer
Mary J. Blige: Performer
Frank Walk
Paul Haslinger: Writer
Paul Haslinger: Performer
Maybe Tomorrow
Stereophonics: Performer
Stuart Cable: Writer
Click Clack
Pharrell Williams: Writer
Slim Thug: Performer
5th Set
Spiderbait: Performer
Kram: Writer
Sylvia Massy: Produced

User reviews

James Wilson

The seamless integration of the soundtrack with the visuals creates a powerful synergy that elevates the overall viewing experience, making the action sequences even more thrilling and impactful.

Laura Carter

The intense and adrenaline-pumping soundtrack of Death Race perfectly captures the high-octane action and suspense of the movie, keeping me on the edge of my seat throughout.

Michelle Wilson

The soundtrack of Death Race effectively sets the tone for the movie, creating a sense of tension and suspense throughout. The dark and edgy soundscapes help to build anticipation and keep the audience engaged in the unfolding story.

Karen Carter

The memorable melodies and driving beats of the Death Race soundtrack have stayed with me long after watching the movie, showcasing the lasting impression that a well-crafted musical score can leave on its audience.

Brian Allen

The music perfectly complements the fast-paced and thrilling atmosphere of the film, enhancing every heart-pounding moment with its powerful and dynamic soundscape.

Robert Phillips

The soundtrack of Death Race truly captures the adrenaline-pumping intensity of the high-stakes races and action-packed scenes in the movie.

Donald Hall

The soundtrack's dynamic range of music not only complements the fast-paced racing scenes but also effectively underscores the emotional depth of the characters, adding layers to the storytelling.

Deborah Hall

The use of electronic and industrial music in the soundtrack adds a futuristic and dystopian vibe to the film, which complements the post-apocalyptic setting of the story. It helps create a unique and immersive experience for the viewers.

Matthew Parker

The combination of electronic beats, heavy metal riffs, and intense orchestral arrangements creates a unique and immersive listening experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire film.

Ronald Garcia

The use of heavy metal and electronic music in the soundtrack enhances the gritty and dystopian atmosphere of the film, immersing me in the post-apocalyptic world of Terminal Island.

Paul Baker

The variety of music genres and styles in the soundtrack of Death Race keeps the audience on their toes and adds depth to the overall mood of the film. From intense metal tracks to haunting electronic melodies, the soundtrack offers a diverse range of sounds that enhance the viewing experience.

Matthew Lewis

The soundtrack of Death Race perfectly captures the intense and adrenaline-filled atmosphere of the movie. The energetic beats and heavy guitar riffs really enhance the action-packed scenes and make them even more thrilling.