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Rating: 6.80/10 from 12000 votes
Tags: pawning one's wedding ring, deerskin
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

La chaqueta de piel de ciervo

Title in Italiano:

Doppia pelle

Title in Português:

100% Camurça


Academy Award-winner Jean Dujardin (THE ARTIST) is recently divorced and having a mid-life identity crisis. In search of a new life and look, he ditches his past in a roadside petrol station and encounters a vintage fringed deerskin jacket with influential supernatural powers. He relocates to a quiet French alpine village where he is mistaken for an independent filmmaker by an adventurous, enterprising bartender in a sleepy saloon (Adèle Haenel, PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE) who happens to be an aspiring editor with natural production instincts. The two forge a tenuous allegiance and team up to collaborate on a film inspired by the visionary deerskin jacket.

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Et si tu n'existais pas
Vito Pallavicini: Italian lyrics
Toto Cutugno: Performer
Claude Lemesle: French lyrics
Joe Dassin: Performer
Symphonie No 2 en Ré majeur Opus 73 - Allegro Non Troppo
Ernest Bour: Conducted
Love for the sake of love
Claudja Barry: Performer
La longue marche
Janko Nilovic: Performer
The Long Wait
Morton Stevens: Performer
Love Chant
Machito: Performer
Sophisticated Lady
Bobby Hutcherson: Performer
Cause I need it
The Sick Rose
Et si tu n'Existais pas
Toto Cutugno: Performer
Symphony No. 2 in D major Op. 73 I. Allegro non troppo
Johannes Brahms: Performer
Get Jumpin
Jürgen Korduletsch: Performer
Light 6
Jürgen Korduletsch: Performer
Jürgen Korduletsch: Performer
Tribes of Vibes
Dorothy Ashby: Performer
Don't Make the Good Girls Go Bad
Clarence Reid: Performer

User reviews

Kenneth Perez

The music selection in Deerskin effectively mirrors the protagonist's descent into madness, adding depth to the character development and storyline.

Stephanie Garcia

The soundtrack of Deerskin perfectly captures the quirky and surreal atmosphere of the film. Each musical piece enhances the tension and mystery surrounding the deerskin jacket, adding depth to the story and keeping me engaged throughout.

Karen Jackson

The music in Deerskin beautifully complements the stunning visuals, creating a cohesive and immersive cinematic experience.

Timothy Miller

The use of minimalist and repetitive motifs in the score of Deerskin creates a sense of unease and tension, perfectly complementing the film's offbeat narrative.

Amanda Brown

The experimental and unconventional sound choices in the soundtrack of Deerskin challenge traditional film music norms, creating a unique and memorable auditory experience.

Richard Walker

The soundtrack of Deerskin skillfully builds suspense and anticipation, making the audience feel on edge throughout the film.

Donald Adams

The soundtrack of Deerskin perfectly captures the eerie and mysterious atmosphere of the film, enhancing the viewer's experience.

Robert Scott

The music in Deerskin showcases the talent and creativity of the composer, adding depth and emotion to the storytelling.

James Phillips

The soundtrack of Deerskin skillfully blends electronic and acoustic elements, contributing to the film's off-kilter and unpredictable tone.

Donald Moore

The haunting melodies in Deerskin linger in the mind long after the movie has ended, leaving a lasting impression on the viewer.

Robert Jackson

I was particularly impressed by the seamless integration of different musical genres in the soundtrack of Deerskin. From eerie tones to upbeat rhythms, the music effectively mirrors the protagonist's journey of self-discovery and obsession with the jacket. The diversity in the soundtrack not only showcases the versatility of the composer but also elevates the overall viewing experience of the film.

Amanda Moore

The soundtrack of Deerskin perfectly captures the quirky and dark humor of the film, enhancing the overall surreal and absurd atmosphere.

Carol Allen

The use of unconventional instruments and sounds in the soundtrack of Deerskin adds a unique and unsettling quality to the film.

James Thomas

The soundtrack of Deerskin expertly mirrors the main character's psychological journey, creating a sense of unease and tension throughout the movie.

Deborah Walker

The music in Deerskin effectively sets the tone for the characters' descent into madness and obsession.

Patricia Robinson