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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Dil Ka Rishta

Title in Italiano:

Dil Ka Rishta

Title in Português:

Dil Ka Rishta


Wealthy Jai Mehta is a young man with a heart that has gold. He supports many charitable organizations in India and one day when he visits a deaf and dumb school, he falls in love with the teacher there, Tia Sharma, expresses his love to her and is openly humiliated when she introduces her fiancé, Raj. Soon after Raj and Tia gets married and are proud parents of a baby boy, Anshu. A heart broken Jai takes to alcohol and one night under the influence of alcohol, Jai's car collide with Raj and Tia's car mysteriously killing Raj and seriously injuring Tia about the head. Tia is treated by doctor, recovers but is unable to remember anything from her troubled past. Jai makes it his responsibility to take care of her, slowly she falls in love with him and proposes marriage. But will this marriage takes place or will Tia remembers her past and takes revenge from Jai for the death of her husband and for her current condition?

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Dil Ka Rishta
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Dil Ka Rishta
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