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Rating: 7.20/10 from 5100 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

No seas malo

Title in Italiano:

Non essere cattivo

Title in Português:

Tu nichts Böses


Don't Be Bad is a story set in the 90s and in the outskirts of Rome to Ostia, the same places of the films of Pasolini. His characters, in the '90s, seem to belong to a world that revolves around hedonism. A world where money, luxury cars, night clubs, cocaine and synthetic drugs are easy to run. A world in which Vittorio and Cesare, in their early twenty, act in search of their success. Initiation for their existence has a very high cost and Vittorio, to save himself, abandons Cesare, who instead will inexorably sink. The bond that unites them is so strong that Vittorio really never shall abandon his friend, always hoping to be able to look to the future with new eyes. Together.

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User reviews

John Perez

The music sets the tone for the characters' pursuit of success through easy money, luxury cars, and drugs, creating a sense of urgency and recklessness.

Mary Jackson

The blend of different genres in the soundtrack reflects the eclectic nature of the characters' world, from pulsating club beats to melancholic melodies.

Stephanie Nelson

The soundtrack of Don't Be Bad did not effectively capture the essence of the 90s hedonistic world portrayed in the film. The music felt disconnected from the gritty and raw atmosphere of the story, failing to enhance the viewing experience.

George Wilson

The soundtrack of Don't Be Bad perfectly captures the gritty and hedonistic atmosphere of the 90s Rome suburbs.

George Gonzalez

Overall, the soundtrack of Don't Be Bad is a powerful accompaniment to the film, enhancing its narrative and emotional impact with its diverse and atmospheric compositions.

Nancy King

The use of music in key moments enhances the emotional impact of the story, adding depth to the characters' struggles and desires.

Paul Jones

The music underscores the characters' descent into darkness and self-destruction, mirroring their internal turmoil and external actions.

Paul Hernandez

The soundtrack's evocative melodies linger long after the film ends, resonating with the themes of friendship, loyalty, and the consequences of hedonism.

Joseph Thomas

The choice of songs in Don't Be Bad seemed outdated and cliché, lacking originality and depth. The tracks used in key moments of the film did not evoke the intended emotions or create a strong connection with the characters, resulting in a missed opportunity to elevate the overall impact of the movie.

Susan Phillips

The soundtrack effectively conveys the bond between Vittorio and Cesare, showcasing the complexities of their relationship and the high cost of their lifestyle.

Kenneth Thomas

The soundtrack immerses the audience in the vivid world of nightclubs, cocaine, and fast cars, amplifying the sensory experience of the film.