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Rating: 6.00/10 from 2700 votes
Tags: older male younger male relationship, toxic relationship
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Tiro de gracia

Title in Italiano:

The Slaughter Rule

Title in Português:

The Slaughter Rule


In Blue Springs, Montana, high school student Roy Chutney is beginning to lose his way in life largely the result of two simultaneous events.

The first is that his father, Nelson Chutney, dies. Roy hadn't seen his father much since his parents divorced and his father remarried. Nelson was run over by a train, but Roy's mother, Evangeline Chutney, with who Roy has a somewhat emotionally distant relationship, believes he committed suicide.

The second is that because funding to the school has reduced the football program to just a varsity team with no junior varsity, Roy, along with half the other players, is cut from the football squad, as his coach doesn't believe he is mentally tough enough despite he being a skilled player.

The two incidents combined make the situation even worse for Roy as football was his primary connection to his father.

Into Roy's life enters Gideon Ferguson, the local newspaper seller, who asks Roy to be part of his newly formed football team, which will play in a six-man back field league. Gid ends up being that father figure that is missing in Roy's life. That guidance is especially important as Roy begins his first sexual relationship, with Skyla Sisco, a local barmaid.

However, Roy and Gid's relationship begins to change when rumors abound that Gid is gay and is romantically interested in Roy. Roy has to wade through the rumors and his own feelings both for Gid and Skyla in figuring out what to do regarding his relationships with them.

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Drive to Dream
When I Stop Dreaming
Charlie Louvin: Writer
To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High)
Ryan Adams: Writer
Ryan Adams: Performer
Silver Wings
Merle Haggard: Writer
David Morse: Performer
Rank Strangers To Me
Albert E. Brumley: Writer
Vic Chesnutt: Performer
Rhumba Boogie
Hank Snow: Writer
Hank Snow: Performer
Blue Eyes
Gram Parsons: Writer
Rootin' Tootin' Santa Claus
Tonight I think I'm Gonna Go Downtown
Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown
Rootin' Tootin' Santa Claus
Pee Wee King: Performer
Tonight I think I'm Gonna Go Downtown
Jimmie Dale Gilmore: Performer

User reviews

David Evans

The soundtrack of Drive to Dream is emotionally captivating, perfectly complementing the coming-of-age story of Roy Chutney. The music effortlessly conveys the complex emotions Roy experiences throughout the film, from loss and confusion to love and self-discovery.

Carol Phillips

The use of different musical motifs and themes throughout the film helps to underscore the evolution of Roy's relationships with his father, Gideon, and Skyla. The soundtrack effectively conveys the conflicting emotions Roy experiences, from grief and confusion to love and acceptance, adding layers of richness to the storytelling.

Betty King

The instrumental pieces in the soundtrack are evocative and poignant, enhancing the viewer's connection to Roy's journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

William Gonzalez

The soundtrack of Drive to Dream is atmospheric and fitting for the emotional depth of the story. The music enhances the melancholic tone of Roy's struggles and growth.

Michael Mitchell

Overall, the soundtrack of Drive to Dream effectively complements the narrative and characters, elevating the viewing experience with its emotive and resonant musical score.

Ashley Gonzalez

Each track in the soundtrack of Drive to Dream feels like a character in itself, adding depth and richness to the storytelling. The music enhances the narrative, creating a powerful connection between the audience and Roy's journey of finding himself amidst loss, love, and conflicting emotions.

Kenneth Brown

The soundtrack of Drive to Dream perfectly captures the emotional depth and complexity of Roy Chutney's journey. The music enhances the poignant moments of loss and self-discovery, creating a powerful connection with the audience.

Richard Martinez

The use of subtle, ambient sounds in the soundtrack creates a sense of introspection and contemplation, mirroring Roy's internal conflicts and search for identity.

Anthony Scott

The incorporation of folk and indie rock elements in the music adds a unique charm to the soundtrack, capturing the rural setting of Blue Springs, Montana, and the raw emotions of the characters.