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What happens after the world ends? Written and directed by award-winning playwright Kit Williamson, "EastSiders" explores the aftermath of infidelity on a gay couple in Silver Lake.

When Cal (Kit Williamson) finds out that Thom (Van Hansis) has been cheating on him with Jeremy (Matthew McKelligon), their relationship is turned upside-down. Will the lies tear them apart or are they just stubborn enough to stay together forever?

Drunken outbursts and double standards abound in this dark comedy about the sad and funny messes we make out of our lives.

Cal's best friend Kathy (Constance Wu) is always there for him with a bottle of whiskey in her purse, but she has her own problems with her nice guy boyfriend Ian (John Halbach), even if they're all in her head.

Stephen Guarino guest stars as a party promoter throwing one last bash before the apocalypse.

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Name Your Trouble
I'm Not Madonna
Summer (young & golden)
Big City Now
Human Nature (Innerpartysystem Gluten Free Mix)
Touch Me (Unhitched feat. Alan MX & Alicia Solombrino)
The Darkside
Your Makeup Is Terrible
You Are Gorgeous
All I Wanted
Into the Sun
Body Parts
Make Our Own Way
I Adore You
Heartbreak On Vinyl
Ever Love
Gangsters or Lovers
Gently Break It
Can't Let You Go
My Movie Star
Rhapsody in Blue
Fabulous Muscles
Oh, Lucifer
That Woods
Everything You Touch Turns to Gold (Album Version)
The Cruelest Kind
You Were The One
Map of the World
Everything You Touch Turns to Gold (Acoustic)
Name Your Trouble (Instrumental)

User reviews

Donald White

The use of music throughout the series helps establish the tone and mood of each scene, guiding viewers through the emotional journey of the characters.

James Miller

The lyrics of the songs often mirror the struggles and conflicts faced by the characters, adding an extra layer of meaning to the storytelling. It's like the music is speaking directly to the audience's emotions.

Susan Gonzalez

The soundtrack of EastSiders effectively captures the emotional turmoil of the characters, adding depth to their struggles and relationships.

Emily Campbell

The soundtrack is a testament to the thoughtfulness and care that went into creating the series. It's clear that every musical choice was made with intention, further elevating the quality of the show.

Patricia Wright

The soundtrack of EastSiders showcases a variety of musical styles and genres, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Susan Hernandez

The songs chosen for the series complement the narrative beautifully, creating a cohesive and immersive viewing experience.

Carol Moore

Overall, the soundtrack of EastSiders is a standout element that enhances the viewing experience and leaves a lasting impression. It's a perfect complement to the emotional journey of the characters and adds a rich layer of depth to the storytelling.

Matthew Hall

I found the EastSiders soundtrack to be lackluster and uninspired. The music did not effectively capture the emotional depth of the characters' struggles and the aftermath of infidelity.

Michelle Jackson

The songs chosen for key moments in the series felt out of place and did not enhance the storytelling, leaving me feeling disconnected from the narrative.

Michael Allen

The use of music in key moments of betrayal and heartbreak intensifies the impact of those scenes, making them even more poignant and memorable.

William Brown

The music enhances the dark comedy aspect of the series, providing a contrast to the sometimes bleak and messy situations the characters find themselves in.

Edward Evans

The soundtrack of EastSiders perfectly captures the emotional turmoil and complexity of the characters' relationships. Each track enhances the intensity of the scenes, drawing me deeper into the storyline and making me feel every heartbreak and betrayal.

Kimberly Wright

The score effectively conveys the inner turmoil of the characters, allowing viewers to connect with their struggles on a deeper level.

Margaret Davis

The variety of musical genres in the soundtrack is impressive, from haunting ballads to upbeat pop tunes. This diversity keeps the audience engaged and adds depth to the overall viewing experience.

James Jackson

Each track is carefully selected to reflect the mood of the scene, whether it's heartbreak, betrayal, or moments of introspection. The music truly sets the atmosphere and helps immerse the audience in the story.

Laura Mitchell

The soundtrack features talented artists whose music perfectly complements the themes of the series. Their songs evoke a wide range of emotions, from melancholy to hope, making the viewing experience more impactful.

Stephanie Martinez

The music in EastSiders is not just background noise; it's a character in itself, playing a crucial role in shaping the narrative and connecting the audience to the characters on a deeper level.

Dorothy Robinson

Overall, the soundtrack of EastSiders is a standout element of the series, enhancing the storytelling and leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Matthew Gonzalez

The soundtrack of EastSiders is a perfect match for the dark and emotional tone of the series. The music enhances the storytelling and brings out the raw emotions of the characters.

Betty Nelson

The soundtrack reflects the eclectic and diverse nature of Silver Lake, adding to the authenticity of the setting and the characters' experiences.

Brian Taylor

Overall, I was disappointed with the soundtrack of EastSiders as it failed to elevate the viewing experience and add depth to the characters' emotional journey.

Matthew White

The emotional depth of the soundtrack is truly remarkable. Each song feels like it was tailor-made for the specific moment it accompanies on screen, adding a powerful resonance to the storytelling.

David Wilson

The music selection in EastSiders is diverse and well-curated, offering a blend of haunting melodies and upbeat tunes that complement the dark comedy and dramatic moments of the series. The soundtrack adds another layer of depth to the storytelling, making it a truly immersive experience for the audience.

Kenneth Adams

The music selection adds a layer of complexity to the storytelling, enriching the overall viewing experience and making the series more engaging.