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Rating: 7.10/10 from 415000 votes
Tags: christian fanatic, promiscuity
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Rumores y mentiras

Title in Italiano:

Easy Girl

Title in Português:

Ela é Fácil

Title in Français:

Easy Girl

Title in Türk:

Adı Çıkmış

Title in Deutsch:

Einfach zu haben


High school student Olive Penderghast (Emma Stone) finds herself the victim of her school's "rumor mill" when she lies to her best friend Rhiannon (Alyson Michalka) about a weekend tryst with a fictional college freshman.

Word quickly spreads of Olive's promiscuity and, much to her surprise, she welcomes the attention.

When she agrees to help out a bullied friend by pretending to sleep with him, her image rapidly degrades to a more lascivious state and her world begins to spin out of control.

As she helps more and more of her classmates and her lies continue to escalate, Olive must find a way to save face before the school's religious fanatic Marianne (Amanda Bynes) gets her expelled and she loses a shot at attaining her own happiness.

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Easy A
Change of Seasons (Demo Version)
Owen Carrier: Writer
Sweet Thing: Performer
Pocketful of Sunshine
John Shanks: Writer
Natasha Bedingfield: Performer
Emma Stone: Sung
Don't Cha
Sir Mix A Lot: Writer
The Pussycat Dolls: Performer
Change of Seasons
Owen Carrier: Writer
Sweet Thing: Performer
Fight Dillon Fight
Rob Walker: Writer
Rob Walker: Performer
Cupid Shoot Me
Remi Nicole: Writer
Remi Nicole: Performer
The Wolf
Miniature Tigers: Performer
Charlie Brand: Writer
Dan Black: Writer
Dan Black: Performer
Go On
Robert Schwartzman: Writer
Rooney: Performer
Trouble Is a Friend
Lenka: Writer
Lenka: Performer
Brad Segal: Writer
Parking Lot
Brad Segal: Writer
Numba One (Tide Is High)
Move Shake Drop (Remix)
Pitbull: Writer
DJ Laz: Performer
Bad Reputation
Joan Jett: Writer
The Dollyrots: Performer
Sexy Silk
Jessie J: Performer
Jack Hammer: Writer
When Life Gives Me Lemons I Make Lemonade
Peter Hobbs: Writer
We Go Together
Warren Casey: Writer
Bad Before Good
Phelim Byrne: Writer
Day One: Performer
If You Were Here
Tom Bailey: Writer
Cary Brothers: Performer
Good Life
Ryan Tedder: Writer
OneRepublic: Performer
Rhapsody of the Awesome
Bert V. Royal: Writer
Kram: Writer
Kram: Performer
Knock on Wood
Emma Stone: Performer
Brad Segal: Produced
Eddie Floyd: Writer
Don't You (Forget About Me)
Simple Minds: Performer
Steve Schiff: Writer
Austin Mahone: Performer
Big Jet Plane
Angus Stone: Writer
Angus & Julia Stone: Performer

User reviews

Ashley Scott

The music selection showcases a blend of classic hits and contemporary tracks, appealing to a wide range of audience preferences.

Matthew Thomas

The music selection in Easy A effectively sets the mood for each scene, whether it's a lighthearted moment of teenage rebellion or a more introspective moment of self-discovery for the main character Olive. The soundtrack not only complements the storytelling but also elevates the emotional impact of key scenes, making it a memorable aspect of the film.

Donald Evans

Each song seems carefully chosen to enhance the character development and overall mood of the film, adding depth to the storytelling.

Elizabeth Hill

On the other hand, while the songs in the soundtrack are enjoyable, they can sometimes feel a bit generic and predictable. It would have been nice to see more diversity in music genres to add depth and complexity to the overall listening experience.

Carol Brown

The song choices are cleverly integrated into key scenes, adding layers of meaning and resonance to the storyline.

Mary Adams

The soundtrack helps to establish a strong sense of atmosphere and emotion, immersing viewers in Olive's world and experiences.

Sarah Miller

The music enhances the emotional depth of the film, especially during Olive's moments of self-discovery and empowerment.

Thomas Phillips

The soundtrack of Easy A perfectly captures the high school setting with its mix of upbeat and nostalgic songs.

Michelle Martin

Overall, the soundtrack of Easy A is a standout element that elevates the film, creating a captivating and engaging auditory experience for the audience.

Kenneth Thomas

The songs in Easy A create a sense of nostalgia and playfulness that aligns with Olive's journey of navigating high school drama.

Brian Robinson

The soundtrack effectively conveys Olive's internal struggles and external challenges through its diverse range of musical styles.

Dorothy Lopez

The soundtrack of Easy A perfectly captures the playful and mischievous tone of the movie. The upbeat and catchy songs enhance the comedic moments and add an extra layer of fun to the overall viewing experience.

Donald Hernandez

The soundtrack of Easy A perfectly captures the youthful and rebellious spirit of the film, with a mix of catchy pop songs and energetic indie tracks. The music enhances the scenes and helps to create a fun and engaging atmosphere for the audience.

George Walker

The musical choices in Easy A contribute to the film's overall charm and entertainment value, making it a memorable viewing experience.