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Handsome young vampire Billy (Andre Frauenstein) seems to have finally found his true love in Jenny Shapiro (Rikki Brest), a beautiful young woman he meets at a nightclub. Despite efforts by those around them to keep the two apart, including Billy's past love Lisa (Christina Storm), they appear to be destined for each other. Their happiness is suddenly cut short when a scientist researching a treatment for HIV/AIDS accidentally discovers a serum that will allow vampires to walk in daylight with humans. This leads to an all-out war between vampires who are against the serum and those who would use it to leave the shadows of night, including vicious upstart vampire Borlak (David James) who will stop at nothing to obtain it. Billy and police detective Joe Kau must now work together to protect Jenny and her family and to keep this discovery from those who would use it against all of humanity. Along the way they meet Zac (Anton Ace Smith) a 16-year-old boy who knows information that can help them. Can he help them in time to save all humanity from the grasp of darkness?

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The Score: Artist
The Score: Artist
Never Going Back
The Score: Artist
Ain't No Rest for the Wicked
Where the Devil Don't Go
Elle King: Artist
Last Damn Night
Elle King: Artist
Run on for a Long Time
Blues Saraceno: Artist
The River
Blues Saraceno: Artist
Way down We Go
Kaleo: Artist
Should I Stay or Should I Go - Remastered
The Clash: Artist
Devil Devil
MILCK: Artist
Humble Pro
Cherry Glazerr: Artist
The Devil You Know
X Ambassadors: Artist
Watch Me
The Phantoms: Artist
I Love Me
Hot Blood
Kaleo: Artist
Check It Out
Oh The Larceny: Artist
The Score: Artist
Devil’s Gonna Come
Raphael Lake: Artist
Royal Baggs: Artist
Run Run Run
Kari Kimmel: Artist
Devil in Me
Locked & Loaded
The Brevet: Artist
I'm A Wanted Man
Royal Deluxe: Artist
Can't Stop Me Now
Oh The Larceny: Artist
Bryce Fox: Artist
Broken Bones
Kaleo: Artist
Highway to Hell
AC/DC: Artist
I Like Trouble
Barns Courtney: Artist
Royal Deluxe: Artist