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Ranajn and Priya moved to Cochin and Priya bought an antique Jewish box. When she opens the box the spirit in the box came out and possess her. Then later Ranjan knowing that the box is not an ordinary box it is a Dybbuk box which contains a malicious spirit of a dead person.The film depicts how he is going to save his wife from this malicious spirit.

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Irulu Neelum Raave
Vinayak Sasikumar: Writer
Sushin Shyam: Produced
Sachin Balu: Performer
Paadunnu Priya Raagangal [Lailakame]
Hari Narayanan: Writer
Haricharan: Performer
Rahul Raj: Produced
Sushin Shyam: Produced
Anvar Ali: Writer