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Rating: 5.70/10 from 22000 votes
Tags: camera shot of a woman feet in high heels
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Amor en obras

Title in Português:

Amor e Uma Estalagem

Title in Français:

Falling Inn Love

Title in Türk:

Falling Inn Love

Title in Deutsch:

Falling Inn Love


Gabriela Diaz's (Christina Milian) San Francisco design firm folds the week of her break-up.

Inspired by a potent concoction of wine and Wi-Fi, she successfully enters a contest to "Win an Inn" overlooking New Zealand's countryside.

Thousands of airline miles later, she discovers The Bellbird Valley Farm boasts a crumbling facade, floorboard-treading goat, and meddling neighbor who covets the space.

Eager to renovate and sell the property fast, she partners with Jake Taylor (Adam Demos), the Kiwi contractor and volunteer firefighter observing much of her city-girl culture shock.

Once the final fixtures are hung, she's hesitant to leave him, the inn, and the inviting community that nurtured her creative side.

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Falling Inn Love
Tim Feehan: Writer
And There Is Love
Billy Novick: Performer
Sitar Solo
Good Day
Distant Cousins: Performer
Do It Like This
Distant Cousins: Performer
Calliope Time
Many's the Time (In Dublin)
Tim Finn: Performer
Da' Dip
Freak Nasty: Writer
Freak Nasty: Performer
Rite Here Rite Now
Tim Feehan: Writer
Best Day of My Life
Aaron Accetta: Writer
American Authors: Performer
Tim Feehan: Writer
Chopin Trois Etudes, Etude No. 3 in A-Flat Major
Haydn: La Roxelane Air with Variations
Joseph Haydn: Performer
Ian Troy Stains: Performer
Many's the Time (In Dublin)
Liam O'Maonlai: Performer
Da' Dip
Freak Nasty: Performer
Make Up My Mind
Alan Roy Scott: Performer

User reviews

Edward Taylor

Each track seems carefully chosen to evoke a sense of nostalgia, hope, and community, resonating with the themes of friendship, love, and self-discovery explored in Falling Inn Love.

Nancy Carter

Overall, the soundtrack of Falling Inn Love is a delightful blend of acoustic melodies and heartfelt ballads that perfectly complement the heartwarming and feel-good nature of the film.

Ronald Scott

Overall, the soundtrack of Falling Inn Love is a delightful blend of soulful tunes that elevate the viewing experience to a whole new level.

Matthew Davis

The music enhances the chemistry between the main characters, adding a layer of emotion and connection that amplifies the romantic tension and heartfelt moments shared between Gabriela and Jake.

William Lewis

The music enhances the journey of Gabriela Diaz as she navigates through heartbreak, new beginnings, and unexpected adventures in the beautiful countryside of New Zealand.

Anthony Walker

The music enhances the romantic and adventurous atmosphere of the story, transporting the audience to the beautiful countryside of New Zealand alongside the characters.

Emily Campbell

The soundtrack of Falling Inn Love perfectly captures the whimsical and heartwarming nature of the movie.

Edward Evans

The soundtrack of Falling Inn Love perfectly captures the whimsical and romantic essence of the movie's storyline, adding depth and emotion to each scene.

Donna Lewis

The songs complement the emotions and growth of the main characters, adding depth and resonance to their personal journeys throughout the film.

Carol Anderson

Each song complements the storyline, enhancing the emotions and atmosphere of the scenes.

Joseph Moore

The soundtrack effectively conveys the cultural contrasts between San Francisco and rural New Zealand, mirroring Gabriela's own personal growth and transformation throughout the film.

Brian Miller

The blend of acoustic guitar, soft piano melodies, and uplifting beats creates a warm and cozy atmosphere that complements the charming setting of The Bellbird Valley Farm.

Paul Hernandez

The melodies transport you to the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand, creating a sense of wanderlust and adventure.

Melissa Hall

The music selection is diverse and engaging, adding depth and charm to Gabriela's journey of self-discovery and love.

Anthony Thompson

The soundtrack of Falling Inn Love perfectly captures the whimsical and heartwarming essence of the movie.