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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

4 Fantásticos

Title in Português:

Quarteto Fantástico


In a retelling of the story of the Fantastic Four, begins when genius Reed Richards builds what he thinks is a teleportation device which he unveils at a science fair. And when it doesn't produce the results he said would happen, he's shun by everyone. But a visiting scientist, Franklin Storm thinks that Reed built the means to cross into another dimension. He offers Reed a scholarship so he goes to New York to work on it and he works with Storm's daughter Sue and his former student Victor Von Doom. Storm also brings in his son Johnny, a mechanic to help him. When Reed says it's done, Storm decides to send him, Sue, Johnny and Victor. Reed asks his best friend Ben Grimm to join him. When they get there, they're exposed to elements not native to their own, And when they return, they start to change or gain abilities.

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Fantastic Four
One Shot Electric
James Katalbas: Writer
Ready or Not
Micah Tawlks: Writer
Portishead: Performer
Geoff Barrow: Writer
The Four Seasons No. 1 - Spring - Allegro
Antonio Vivaldi: Writer
Standing in the Shadows of Love
The Four Tops: Performer
Brian Holland: Writer
Cumbia de la Calle
Another Body
El-P: Writer
El-P: Performer
RM: Performer

User reviews

Anthony Jones

The music elevates the emotional moments in the film, adding depth to the characters' struggles and triumphs.

Charles Thompson

The sound design in conjunction with the music creates a dynamic and immersive viewing experience for the audience.

Patricia Campbell

The music in Fantastic Four effectively builds tension during key action sequences, adding to the excitement and intensity of the film.

Carol Brown

The musical themes in Fantastic Four are memorable and help to establish a cohesive and immersive atmosphere for the audience.

Richard Evans

The soundtrack showcases a good balance between intense action sequences and quieter, more reflective moments.

Deborah Robinson

The soundtrack helps to build tension and suspense during crucial scenes, keeping viewers engaged throughout the film.

Mary Scott

The soundtrack of Fantastic Four complements the character development and emotional moments, resonating with the audience on a deeper level.

Kenneth Gonzalez

The use of orchestral arrangements in the film's score adds a grand and cinematic quality to the story, making it feel larger than life.

Ronald Clark

The use of electronic elements in the score adds a modern and futuristic feel to the overall tone of the movie.

Timothy Lopez

The soundtrack of Fantastic Four successfully conveys the sense of wonder and discovery as the characters explore new dimensions and gain their superpowers.

Donna Anderson

The composers effectively incorporate motifs that represent each character, enhancing the audience's connection to them.

Stephanie King

The main theme of the film is memorable and leaves a lasting impression, echoing the heroic journey of the Fantastic Four.

Stephanie Jackson

The use of electronic elements in the Fantastic Four's soundtrack adds a modern and dynamic touch to the overall musical experience. The blend of traditional orchestral music with contemporary sounds creates a unique and memorable listening experience that perfectly complements the action-packed scenes of the movie.

Nancy Green

Overall, the soundtrack of Fantastic Four enhances the storytelling and adds an extra layer of excitement to the film's narrative.

Andrew Jackson

The Fantastic Four soundtrack perfectly captures the epic and adventurous tone of the movie, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

William Lewis

The score of Fantastic Four seamlessly transitions between different moods and tones, showcasing the versatility and skill of the composer.

Kenneth Thomas

Overall, the music in Fantastic Four elevates the film to a new level, enriching the audience's experience and leaving a lasting impression.

Paul Allen

The music in Fantastic Four effectively underscores the internal conflicts and struggles of the characters, enhancing the depth of the storytelling.

Laura Jackson

The soundtrack of Fantastic Four features a mix of electronic elements and traditional orchestral music, creating a unique and dynamic sound that sets it apart.

Joseph Anderson

The soundtrack of Fantastic Four perfectly captures the sense of adventure and discovery in the story.

Stephanie Brown

The Fantastic Four's soundtrack truly enhances the emotional depth and intensity of the film. The orchestral arrangement perfectly captures the essence of each character's journey and adds a sense of grandeur to the superhero narrative.

John Taylor

The use of orchestral arrangements and electronic beats creates a unique and dynamic sound that sets Fantastic Four apart from other superhero movies.